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Questions and Answers

We would like to share with you some questions which seekers have asked about the Path of Liberation after reading the website, plus the answers that were sent to them.


Do you have questions after reading the website?

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How do we apply liberation in everyday life? by "Nick"

From what I read on the website, I understand that the Harry Potter books use symbols to tell about how a person can reach "heaven" or whatever you may refer to it as. I understand how the characters and their actions tell how someone may be liberated by killing the "Voldemort" within us. But my question is how does one reach liberation in everyday life?

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Is it selfish to go the path? by "Sean"

I believe that only a person whose heart is burning with compassion for the suffering in the world can go the Path of Liberation. I am becoming more and more discontent with these so-called "democracies" of the world that leave the rich richer and the poor poorer. We are all humans, and we all deserve basic rights, whether we were born into higher families or not. Evidently world governments still do not feel the same as me. You would think that in this time of extreme strife, the people of the world would band together instead of further dividing, fighting among one another. I want to fix it, hopefully through peaceful political means like Gandhi, a true inspiration to me. But regardless, I want a stop to this. I am wondering, if I follow the Path of Liberation, wouldn't I be helping myself more than others? I am wondering if it would be more prudent to go the way of Hagrid, to help the others reach Liberation first? I know that sounds crazy because I am not far down the path at all really, but I believe, and please don't think I am being arrogant, that with great power comes great responsibility. If I don't help the suffering of the world, how do I know someone else will? I am willing to abandon any hope of liberation if I could at least put a stop to all of this suffering, this madness that we call our world. Am I going about it the right way?

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Do you not believe that Jesus Christ was a flesh and blood person? by "Jayne"

The following question arose from the article The Two Greatest Conspiracies of the Last Two Millennia on the Articles Page.

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How can you compare imperfect human beings to perfect forces? by "Frank"

On your website you say that some of the characters symbolise holy forces. For example you say that Harry symbolises the New Soul, Dumbledore the Holy Spirit, and Hagrid a Bodhisattva. These characters are a mixture of good and bad; they have many faults and do many stupid or wrong things, so how can you compare them to forces which are perfect, or very close to perfection?

Harry swears, lies, and casts jinxes on his enemies. In his youth Dumbledore made a great mistake in associating with Grindelwald, who was only interested in world domination like Voldemort, and Hagrid acts with the instincts of an animal, without thinking rationally first, causing great danger to the children he is supposed to be caring for. Don't you think you're degrading and insulting holy, pure, and unearthly forces?

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How can you say that Harry's journey resembles that of Jesus? by "Frank"

How can you say that Harry's journey resembles that of Jesus? Where is the death, the resurrection, the transfiguration, and the ascent to heaven? In your answer to my earlier question you say if you become extremely familiar with the writings of Jan van Rijckenborgh, you will keep finding chapters, paragraphs, symbols and quotes in his books that are reproduced faithfully in Harry Potter. I put it to you that you have spent so much time reading Van Rijckenborgh that you're putting the symbolism of liberation into everything. And how can you compare Harry Potter to pure, spiritual works of liberation like The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosycross or The Angel of the West Window? Aren't you sullying and degrading these sublime Gnostic works with the story of a nice boy who ends up putting his children on the train? Surely Harry's journey is far too earthly and immersed in dialectics to be compared to the story of liberation?

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How do we stop worrying? by "Deborah"

I worry about how I am going to pay the rent, food, etc. How can I change this? How can I get rid of this addiction to worry? Sometimes nothing at all happens, I look and nothing turns out but the days keep passing by and the next rent is due. How do you let go of these material necessities, when you have the responsibility of a child?

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How do you desire earthly things without losing the path? by "Deborah"

How do you desire earthly things without losing the path? What is meant by purifying onself in the transmutation process?

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