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Jayne wrote:

Do you not believe that Jesus Christ was a flesh and blood person?


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This whole thing goes back to the Fall. As I've said in some of my posts and on the website, the human microcosm basically has the same structure as a cosmos, which has the same structure as a macrocosm, which has the same structure as the whole universe.

To be able to develop His perfect creation, God created the human microcosms. These microcosms live in a large cosmos. In the physical world we call such a cosmos a planet. A planet is part of a larger structure; in our case the solar system, with the sun as its nucleus.

When the microcosms of our planet became caught up in the Fall, they could not live without a cosmos, and so the Fall caused the creation of a new cosmos out of the old one. The old, divine cosmos could not in any way be affected by the Fall, and so it still exists in its divine glory as before. This divine cosmos, this original home of man before the Fall, is what we call the Christ. He is a divine spirit of the most holy substance and power, and can rightly be called the Son of God. However we have to remember that the original solar cosmos is also the son of God, as well as the other planets in our system. And so are the innumerable stars and planets in the galaxy, as well as all the billions of galaxies. They are all the sons of God, who is the central Sun that feeds the whole universe. And all the microcosms are the sons of God too.

So this is the state we're in today: we live in a temporary universe created as a home for all the trillions of fallen microcosms. On this planet earth we live in a fallen cosmos which is ruled by an ungodly force, which we usually call Lucifer. In Harry Potter he's called Voldemort. But we still belong, by virtue of our origins, to the original spirit of the original planet or cosmos. That's the Christ.

Now unfortunately we have fallen so far down (by that I mean in vibration rate) that we have lost all contact with the Christ. By vibration rate I mean the vibration of the atoms and the forces of our whole sevenfold being. If you've read my essay Harry Potter, the Road Map to Liberating Alchemy, you'll remember that our personality is composed of seven parts:

  1. physical
  2. etheric
  3. astral
  4. mental
  5. mental ego
  6. emotional ego
  7. consciousness ego.

In my essay I've pointed out that each Part of Harry Potter discusses the liberation of one of these aspects, in ascending order. This is why book 7 will deal with the liberation of the consciousness ego, which I reckon is Harry's scar.

That was just to orient you as to what we're talking about. As I said, we've fallen in vibration rate to such an extent, we've lost touch with the Christ, and hence with God. The Christ is humanity's original cosmos. He is the Spirit who gives life and energy to all of humanity, provided they are open to His power. We, fallen human beings, are NOT open to His power, and this causes Him to seek us and bring us back to Him, and hence to God.

The Christ, in doing God's will, has devised a Divine Plan of Redemption. This Plan is far too complicated for me to understand, so please don't ask me to explain it, but essentially it can be summarised as follows.

Seven attempts have been made in the past to reconnect man to the Christ. I'm not sure exactly what period of time we're talking about, but I guess hundreds of thousands of years. The attempts I'm talking about manifested themselves in seven world religions. These include the ancient religions of India, Egypt, Persia, Babylonia, Greece, Palestine etc.

Each religion established a connection with one of the aspects of the human personality in descending order.

The first attempt connected the Christ potentially with the consciousness ego of the human race.

The second one connected the Christ potentially with the emotional ego.

The third one connected the Christ potentially with the mental ego.

The fourth one with the mental body.

The fifth one with the astral body.

The sixth one with the etheric body.

Two thousand years ago, the sixth attempt had been completed successfully. Preparation had begun for the connection of the Christ with the physical body of the human being. The plan was for the Christ to enter the blood and the physical soul of the fallen human race.

The Christ Hierarchy chose a group of people who would live a life of great purity and spirituality, and would eventually produce a human body for a person of great spiritual qualities. This group was known as the Essenes, and 2000 years ago they provided the physical body for a person we know as Master Jesus. He incarnated in a physical body among the Essenes. After an upbringing of complete purity and spiritual teachings, Master Jesus was ready to receive the connection with the Christ in the physical body. This was the beginning of the seventh world religion, and the birth of Christianity. This was the triumph and victory of the Divine Plan of Redemption: the Christ descended into Master Jesus. The Great Plan was crowned with success.

What the great myths of the preceding six world religions had all pointed to, had been actualised. The hero, Osiris - Dionysus - Attis - Adonis - Bacchus - Mithras - had achieved in Jesus the aim of the Divine Plan of Redemption: the demolition of the old sevenfold temple (the human personality) and the rebuilding, stone by stone, of the original Temple as designed by the Potter of the Universe.

And so Jesus proved it could be done. He is our example and our predecessor on the Path. And the "myth" of Jesus is a true story, not of the personal history of Jesus, but of the process that every one of us will one day undergo, and which Jesus carried out to perfect completion.

And so the gospels are like a play that Jesus performed according to the script of the Playwright. They cannot in any way be taken as the history of the physical Jesus. He was not literally crucified. The Way of the Cross is a symbolic representation of the sacrifice we all have to make - the sacrifice of the fallen earthly personality, and the resurrection of the original Son of God.

And Harry Potter is the same symbolic story again. That's why there are similarities between Jesus and Harry, and all the other heroes. I believe that Harry Potter is the attempt by the Christ Hierarchy to bring the whole world together in one religion, the religion of liberation. As I said in my aforementioned essay, Rudolf Steiner said that this would last for 3000 years, and would be under the banner of Christian Rosycross. You see that this name contains all the symbols: Christ, who is the Spirit of our original Cosmos, the Rose, which in Harry Potter is called Lily, and the Cross, which symbolises the sacrifice of the earthly human personality. Out of this sacrifice the inner Christ will be reborn.

The most important thing about all of this can be summarised in a line written by the poet Angelus Silesius, who said,

Though Christ a thousand times in Bethleheme born,
But not in thee, thou shalt be yet forlorn.

The historical aspect of the incarnation of the Christ is irrelevant unless we imitate the way Master Jesus went. There is nothing anyone can do for us unless we go that way ourselves. Even Master Jesus couldn't do anything for us personally unless we follow him.

Just to complete the picture: the Blood of Christ is what we call the astral blood, i.e. the soul-essence of the Christ. This is kept in the Holy Grail. That's a symbol for a force field maintained by the Christ Hierarchy. This force field has been built up over the past by those who have gone the Path back to Christ. The Holy Blood is the Christ force reduced to a vibration level that people with pure longing, arising from the Lily in their heart, can "drink", i.e. attract into their astral and etheric bodies. To drink the Blood of the Lamb is an experience of the highest possible ecstasy. When Christ enters your heart in this way it feels like you're Home at last.


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