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Harry Potter For Seekers

Welcome to Harry Potter For Seekers, a web site for seekers who want to explore the deep spiritual foundation of Harry Potter.

The aim here is to help you discover the many layers of spiritual symbolism hidden beneath the excitement, mystery and fascination of Harry Potter.


HPfS Book Announcement

The Alchemy of JK Rowling
In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

By Hans Andréa.
Published on November 5th, 2020.


What is Harry Potter really about?

The aim of Harry Potter is to show how death can be vanquished; how an ordinary mortal human being can enter a process of transmutation and transfiguration that will alchemically transform him or her into an eternal, perfect child of God, filled with overwhelming compassion for suffering humanity.

All the characters are symbols or personifications of aspects of the process, symbolically called, "making the Philosopher's Stone". With this stone the alchemist can make gold, i.e. the Gold of the Spirit, and the Elixir of Life, i.e. eternal life.

It is the aim of this website to inform the world that the most popular book ever published tells the most beautiful story ever told: the return home of the Prodigal Son to the arms of the Father. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and that we have succeeded in showing the depth and intensity of the spiritual power emanating from Harry Potter.

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Where do we start?

The concept proposed by the site is contained within the Articles section, reading one of the Books or checking related Links.

If you would like to discover the background philosophy and meaning of the symbology in Harry Potter then have a look at the new For The Seekers section.


Liberating Symbology

We have discovered that JK Rowling uses universal symbols going back thousands of years, as far back as ancient Egypt. In our Symbology section you can read our interpretation of the symbols.

Many symbols and ideas JK Rowling uses are alchemical. We have investigated the basic philosophy underlying Harry Potter, by studying the alchemical symbolism. Our conclusions are on the Alchemy Page.

We have received quite a few really interesting questions and reactions, and so we have created a Questions and Answers Page.

You, too, are cordially invited to send in questions and comments via our Contact Page.


Spiritual Articles

In this section you will find a few articles written by people with varied backgrounds describing different spiritual concepts and interpretations of the Harry Potter story. Some of these articles form the basis of discussion topics in the newsgroup. We are also proud to host some articles written by authors for the Accio 2005 conference and the Lumos 2006 conference.


Other Stories

The Stories section is dedicated to stories and books which, just like Harry Potter, contain spiritual symbolism. Here you can find articles, links and book reviews which discuss this symbolism for the sake of comparison to Harry Potter. Stories include Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Tao Teh Ching and the Corpus Hermeticum.


Web Site Skins

The web site has four different skins. Each skin is based on a symbolic aspect of the Harry Potter story and a small description of the symbol is provided along with a link to a longer description of the symbol. So far we have the Lily, Stag, Rose, and the Sirius symbols.