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Harry Potter's Invitation to the World

by Vickie Ewell


Chapter 98 – Flamel Destroyed the Stone
(HP Chapter 17)

“But sir, the Stone—“ Although Dumbledore shared with Harry his friends concern for him, Harry was not distracted by worldly affairs, including his own life. His focus was totally on the Stone. The Stone was what Harry valued above all other things, so he wanted to know what happened.

Dumbledore simply told him that he had arrived in time to take care of the situation, pulled Quirrell off of him, but feared he might have been too late. We hold the parts of our self that don’t have value anymore in our awareness, and we wait for the Spirit (our Dumbledore) to come and pull them off of us.

But Harry didn’t understand. “I couldn’t have kept him off the Stone much longer.”

Dumbledore explained that he wasn’t referring to the physical Stone. He was referring to Harry himself. “The effort involved nearly killed you. For one terrible moment, I was afraid it had.”

The Path that leads to Liberation isn’t easy. That’s why it’s often referred to as The Path Less Traveled. The various bits of conditioning have been programmed to fight for their life. They literally fear death – the ultimate unknown – so it takes vigilance, determination, and an attitude that you won’t quit looking for them in order to succeed. This also inferred that the Voldemort force also works from without, through others, to destroy us as well.

Harry only had to find seven horcruxes because the horcruxes represent “types” or families. In reality, we have dozens of horcuxes – if not hundreds of conditioning bits – to find.

“As for the Stone, it’s been destroyed,” Dumbledore said, speaking of the physical object. Harry found that shocking. He still didn’t understand what he saw in the mirror, but he was concerned for Dumbledore’s friend, Nicolas Flamel. “Oh, you know about Nicolas.” Dumbledore sounded delighted because Harry had investigated the situation before acting. He didn’t just automatically accept the idea without questioning it first. He and Nicolas discussed the situation and under the current circumstances, they decided it was best to destroy the Stone.

“But that means he and his wife will die, won’t they?” Harry had no ability to understand what actually happened in the dungeon, nor what Dumbledore was inferring. He’s a Little One in the Kingdom of Heaven. Nicolas was the Stone. He passed that Stone (or torch) to Harry. The Flamels were now free to Go On. They had enough Elixir made to set their earthly affairs in order, and then they will physically die.

To Harry, death wasn’t something people chose to do, but Dumbledore assured him that death was just like going to bed after having a very, very long day. “After all, to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” It is only our fragmented awareness, the personality fragments we’ve created over the years, and our own personal Voldemort, that have convinced us that death is a bad thing. To the well organized mind – the healed and whole awareness – death was simply a door that leads onward. The Alchemical Wedding totally changes our perspective.

The Stone had the ability to give a person all of the money and mortal life a person could ever want, but conditioned man tends to choose what’s worst for him. Seeking after pleasure, control, and always avoiding pain and discomfort isn’t valuable. It isn’t the purpose of life. It isn’t why we are here. It isn’t why we’re going through all of our trials and challenges. We’ve been lied to, imprisoned, and deceived not by our fellowman that have been lied to, imprisoned, and deceived – but by ourselves.

Harry lay there silent, lost for words, but Dumbledore was content. He hummed a little and smiled at the ceiling. In the present moment, he had no stress. He had no inner struggle. His awareness wasn’t fractured anymore. Like the Flamels, he knew the Truth about Life. He knew the Truth about the Stone, but Harry continued to feel troubled. He realized that Voldemort was probably not gone even though the Stone had been destroyed. “Even if the Stone’s gone, Vol--, I mean, You Know Who –“

Dumbledore didn’t agree with the majority of the Wizarding World that refused to use Voldemort’s name. “Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the proper name for things.” Notice, Dumbledore didn’t call Voldemort a person. He called him a “thing.” Voldemort is element. He’s a force of nature. “Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.” The same holds true for us. Doing things that increase our fear only makes confronting the darkness more difficult.

Dark wizards who enjoy the pleasure and profits that controlling others through suggestion offers them use our fear against us. They call it marketing. They call it leadership. But it keeps us imprisoned and a slave to them just the same.

Voldemort hadn’t gone. He had hid himself somewhere, and was maybe seeking a new body to share. Voldemort is Eternal. Elements cannot be destroyed. They can be rearranged and reorganized, but not destroyed. Voldemort didn’t know that. He left Quirrell’s body knowing that Quirrell would die without him. He had as little mercy for his followers as he had for his enemies. He was totally objective. He had no feelings. His role was to keep the body alive, nothing more, but he was greedy. He wanted more, different, or better.

He wanted a body of his own. He wanted to be like us. That will bring him to full power, he believes, but if he found someone strong to inhabit who was willing and able to go the distance, Harry’s delaying his rise to power might not be enough to win the war. On the other hand, if they could continuously delay Voldemort’s ascension, it might never happen. While we have all eaten from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as infants, there are ways we can reverse and control the situation.

There were things that Harry wanted to know, but Truth is both beautiful and terrible. It needs to be treated with caution. Not everyone is ready to receive it. Giving Truth to someone who has no use for it or won’t value it, won’t do them any good. If the seed is uprooted and cast out before it has a chance to be nurtured, sprout, and grow, that decision can cause future harm. However, if Dumbledore can answer Harry’s questions, he will.

He also assured Harry that he would not lie to him. The Spirit never lies but we often misinterpret what’s said, adding to it or twisting the words to fit our ideals or what we want to believe is True.

Voldemort only killed Harry’s mother because she tried to stop him from killing Harry, but Harry didn’t understand why Voldemort wanted to kill him in the first place. Dumbledore wasn’t comfortable answering that. It would have involved explaining to Harry who he was, and it wasn’t time for Harry to know that yet. Dumbledore assured Harry that one day he would know why Voldemort had tried to kill him, but that day wasn’t today