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Harry Potter's Invitation to the World

by Vickie Ewell


Chapter 96 – Harry Fights For His Life
(HP Chapter 17)

Voldemort screamed for Quirrell to seize Harry again. As long as we live in a mortal world, we have to remain aware. As long as Voldemort lives within the Collective Unconscious, he will attempt to regain what the Holy Spirit has cast out of our Kingdom. The protection that Quirrell believed in was illusion. Voldemort wants only what he needs to survive. It’s never about what’s best for us.

In our conditioned state, we are blind to Voldemort’s real intent, so rather than evaluating Voldemort’s order to see its value or worthlessness, Quirrell obeyed his Master without question. He literally couldn’t do anything else. That mechanical reaction knocked Harry off his feet. As Harry hit the ground, Quirrell landed on top of him with both hands around Harry’s neck. The aspects of our conditioning can literally choke us to death.

The scar was almost blinding Harry with pain, but he could still hear Quirrell howl in agony. Quirrel couldn’t hold onto Harry for very long because his hands were physically burning. Pinning Harry with his knees, Quirrell stared at his hands again. It didn’t make any sense to him. His hands were burned, raw, red, and shiny. His hands demonstrated his impure condition – the impurities within his mind – but they also reflect his attempt to choke Harry backfiring upon himself.

When we hurt others, we are actually harming ourselves. Biblical scripture calls this impure state having blood on our hands.

Despite Quirrell’s inabilities, Voldemort still ordered him to kill Harry, so Quirrell raised his hands to perform the deadly curse as instructed. Quirrell feels pain. Touching Harry was destroying him physically, but he didn’t question the commands he received. Like conditioned man, he just fulfills them as if those thoughts were his own. Our beliefs unconsciously drive everything that we do.

Harry had been observing Quirrell, a single aspect of his conditioning. This new awareness causes the Holy Spirit to take action. This isn’t about causing Quirrell harm. This is about ridding ourselves of our conditioning. Jo is showing us how to do that. After observing Quirrell in action, Harry reached up and grabbed Quirrel’s face. Our job isn’t to do more than that. It’s simply to observe and report what’s happening inside our inner world to the Holy Spirit.

That action caused Quirrell to roll off Harry, his face blistering the same way his hands did. Harry’s only chance to survive was to keep holding onto Quirrell, keep him in his awareness, so that Quirrell couldn’t perform the killing curse. With that realization, Harry jumped to his feet. Instead of reacting and defending, Harry moved to catch Quirrell by the arm and hung on as tightly as he could.

Quirrell screamed and tried to throw Harry off, but Harry couldn’t see. The pain in his scar was too strong. Facing the truth about ourselves can be quite painful. All Harry did was hold onto him. He didn’t actually DO anything to get rid of him. He didn’t initiate a program of self-improvement. He didn’t try to stop reacting that way. He observed Quirrel, recognized him to be something he didn’t want to be (he had no value), and held him in his awareness. He then waited for Dumbledore (the Holy Spirit) to show up and take care of him.

While he was doing this, he could hear Voldemort ordering his death. He could hear Quirrell’s screams. He also heard other voices that might have been coming from inside his own head. He wasn’t sure. They were calling his name. “Harry! Harry!”

At some point, Harry felt Quirrell’s arm wrenched from his grasp, but he misinterpreted what that meant. He thought he had messed up. He thought that all was lost. He thought there wasn’t anything more he could do. So, he fell into the blackness….down….down….down….

Darkness is something that a great many of us fear. Yet, darkness is something we are – or are not – depending on where we choose to place our awareness or attention at any given moment. After coming to learn of the existence of his inner being, observing how a Black Magician works (someone who had completely sold himself to his conditioning, and consciously worked to control others through suggestion knowingly), and held Quirrell in his awareness, Harry fell into the darkness believing he had completely lost everything. He believed he had failed to protect the Philosopher’s Stone.

That’s the same feeling he will have as he makes the choice in Book 7 to stop defending himself against Voldemort, and allows events to unfold in the way they were supposed to.

But in the midst of the darkness, he saw something gold glinting just above him. He still had some form of consciousness. The glint wasn’t very far away. It was just a little above where he presently was at. It was the Snitch. The word “snitch” has always made me think of Ron’s rat. A snitch tells someone he considers an authority about the sins or whereabouts of whomever he is snitching on. He’s disloyal to the betrayed. That’s exactly what Wormtail did.

But a “gold snitch” seems to be another contradiction.

Harry tried to catch the Snitch, but he couldn’t because his arms were too heavy. With the Initiation of Knowledge now over, he was returning to his present iron state of being, that of carrying around the heavy burden of too many accounts he had created against others: Dudley, his Aunt and Uncle, Draco, and Professor Snape, for example.

These accounts were obstructions to catching the Snitch, but Harry didn’t understand his inability to move. He reacted to the inability by blinking – going back to sleep, and then waking up again.

In what felt like the twinkling of an eye, the Snitch disappeared and was replaced by a pair of glasses. Catching the Snitch required Harry to put on a new pair of glasses – a new set of ideas and attitude – but he didn’t understand what the glasses meant. He was thinking literally. He wanted what he saw to make sense to him in terms of the physical world, so he only saw a pair of glasses. He didn’t realize that he was spiritually blind. He blinked again.

This blinking seems to indicate his downward movement, the Path of the Snake or Lightening Bolt, that he originally took to reach manifestation