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Harry Potter's Invitation to the World

by Vickie Ewell


Chapter 95 – Voldemort Demands the Philosopher’s Stone
(HP Chapter 17)

At Harry’s emotional outburst, Quirrell started walking backward. That caused Voldemort to move toward Harry. Jo gives us many contradictory images. These images have the power to trigger the beginning of the Alchemical process, but they also help the subconscious mind to see what our conscious mind cannot.

Voldemort was smiling. He felt confident that he could persuade Harry to join him. Harry had shown Voldemort his weakness. “I always value bravery,” Voldemort said, referring to James, but he was also attempting to identify with Harry. “I killed your father first.” This appeared to be a fact, but in reality it wasn’t, because there is no Death. James didn’t really die. The Father lives inside of Harry. Harry and his Father are One.

According to Voldemort, James had put up a courageous fight, but lost. Harry’s mother didn’t have to die. She died trying to protect Harry. That’s another lie. Harry’s mother wasn’t dead either. She, too, lives inside of Harry, but she also chose to Fall with all of humanity, so her energy (or unicorn blood) sustains all life. She is the Mother of “all” living things.

“Now give me the Stone, unless you want her to have died in vain,” Voldemort demanded.

Voldemort attempted to ignite Harry’s guilt for resisting him. He suggested that if Harry didn’t join him, his mother’s death would serve no purpose. That didn’t make any sense. Voldemort desired immortal power. He destroyed Lily’s physical body because she refused to stand aside and give Voldemort what he wanted: Harry’s Eternal Life.

“NEVER!” Harry screamed.

Jo is giving us the Key to overcoming Voldemort. We have to first observe ourselves and realize he’s there. We have to accept the responsibility for what we’ve done. We have to stop believing what he and all of the other bits of our conditioning are telling us. We have to stop believing all of their lies. We have to be willing to let go of all of those falsehoods, ideals, and illusions.

Next, we make up our mind to stop serving him. We make up our mind to close all of the accounts we have set up against others. Our mother didn’t die in vain. She isn’t dead. The purpose of our lives is not to find pleasure, alleviate all forms of discomfort, and serve Mammon. The purpose of our lives is to repair our awareness, and then further develop it by experiencing and becoming the Pure Love of Christ. At that point, we offer the gift that we’ve been given to others.

Harry had the Stone in his pocket. He didn’t have to stay in the room, so he charged toward the Black Flames. He didn’t condemn or judge Voldemort for being what he was. Harry simply chose not be around him any longer.

Before he reached the Black Fire, Voldemort screamed for Quirrell to grab Harry. Quirrell didn’t hesitate. He automatically reacted and did as he was commanded. When we lack Light, we react mechanically because we aren’t conscious of what we’re doing. Satan commands, and we obey.

Repairing and developing our awareness brings what we’re doing into consciousness. Quirrell and the rest of society haven’t chosen to be the way they are. They’re 100 percent subject to Voldemort’s suggestions 100 percent of the time. We are as we are because Voldemort has overstepped his boundaries. It isn’t our fault. There’s nothing or no one to blame for our current situation because even Voldemort has purpose.

However, we don’t have to stay in the room. We can leave the pigpen and head toward the Black Flames of Remembrance. We can stop defending our self and do what’s necessary to go Home.

Harry felt Quirrell’s hand close around his wrist and pain sear across his scar. The horcrux was trying to get out again. It was so painful, it felt like Harry’s head was going to split in two. That was what happened to our awareness as an infant when we first believed that it was important to please others, particularly mom and dad. Voldemort attacked Harry as an infant. He set up the condition that resulted in our split awareness.

Initially, an infant uses complaining (or crying) to get its way, but when mom or dad try to teach us the importance of self improvement because our complaining makes their lives or selves uncomfortable, our awareness splits and inner turmoil and conflict begins. Conditioning multiplies like spiders. The Alchemical process teaches us how to reverse that decision and re-unite our awareness back into One Mind and Heart. That Oneness is referred to as the Alchemical Marriage.

Harry struggled against Quirrell’s grasp and yelled. He didn’t care about pleasing anyone. He had no intention of uniting with Quirrell. Surprisingly, Quirrell let go of him, which caused the pain in Harry’s head to lessen. Quirrell hunched over in pain, looking at his fingers. They were blistering right before his eyes. Harry didn’t understand the effects of his Transformation anymore than we understood what was happening when Harry was Transformed at the end of Book 7.

Jo gave us plenty of signs that Transformation had and was continuing to take place. There was no physical pain when Voldemort hit Harry with the torture curse like there was for Neville when Voldemort set him on fire. There was a red-gold burst across the sky and dazzling sunlight that hit the faces of Harry and Voldemort at the final moment of Truth. Voldemort then became nothing more than a flaming blur to Harry.

A big bang like a canon blast sounded as gold flames erupted between Harry and Voldemort at the center point of the circle they’d been moving in – the King’s Cross. Plus, we saw Harry take full possession of the Deathly Hallows as the Elder Wand, the Elder Power, protected him from harm. Voldemort then fell backward, hit the floor, and became lifeless and unknowing.

Harry had totally overcome all of his mortal conditioning. He was Free from inner turmoil, degeneration, and Voldemort’s control. But in that moment of triumph, there was only a single second of Silence.

Jo said that second resulted in a temporary moment of Shock. And then, the fierce new Sun dazzled the windows. Hermione and Ron’s shout for joy “deafened” Harry, so that he couldn’t hear a single conditioned word (or suggestion to participate in vanity and pride) that anyone was shouting. He was completely Saved from his conditioning. As the Sun continued to rise steadily over Hogwarts, the Great Hall blazed with Light and Life. Eternal Life.

But for Harry, the experience wasn’t one of total joy.

It didn’t fit conditioned man’s ideal of what he believed Transformation and Oneness would be like. For Harry, it was a mixture of grief and mourning along side of the celebration. He craved only the company of a few and remained concerned about the duties he still needed to perform.

Without greed, vanity, and pride controlling his thought, attitude, and actions, the value of Transformation for Harry – he who sought to acquire the Stone but not use it for himself – was in hearing the news of how others had received their freedom from Voldemort’s control because of what he had accomplished.

There was NO significant glory he experienced for himself.

Although the inner turmoil of the War in Heaven was gone, Harry experienced mental and emotional pain and discomfort because he couldn’t forget those who had laid down their lives to ensure his success. Without selfishness, he couldn’t forget the Sacrifices made by others (Dudley, Draco, Kreacher, and Professor Snape) that had brought him to this moment. Nor could he ignore the feelings of grief and painful tears of the loved ones left behind.

The Pure Love of Christ produces nothing less than Selflessness