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Harry Potter's Invitation to the World

by Vickie Ewell


Chapter 92 – Harry Receives the Philosopher’s Stone
(HP Chapter 17)

As Harry continued to look at his Double, it winked and put the Stone back into its pocket. This resembled how quickly the Red-Stone Transformation occurs. In the wink (or twinkling) of an eye, our fractured awareness heals and returns us to wholeness. Many Alchemical traditions believe the White Stone turns into the Red one at the second in time that the Alchemical Marriage takes place.

As the Double did that, Harry felt something drop into his own pocket. Somehow, his Double had slipped him the Stone! It was as quick as that. Although Harry watched this process happen, he still didn’t understand.

Quirrell wanted to know what Harry was seeing. That demand caused Harry to pick up his courage. “I see myself shaking hands with Dumbledore,” he invented. “I – I’ve won the house cup for Gryffindore.”

Harry’s fabrication resembled Ron’s innermost desire to do something that brought him attention and approval above what his brothers had done, but Harry and his friends do win the House Cup for Gryffindore due to the night’s events. It wasn’t a lie. It was a prophecy. What Harry told Quirrell was exactly what came to pass because Harry was the Philosopher’s Stone!

Quirrell grew angry and ordered Harry to get out of the way. Negative emotions arise within conditioned man when he doesn’t achieve some ideal. Harry was preventing Quirrell from getting what he wanted: the pleasure of presenting Voldemort with the Stone. Harry responded to Quirrell’s anger by stepping aside. He didn’t confront him. He simply got out of his way.

Harry’s thoughts were racing. Could he make a break for it? Harry was a Little One in the Kingdom. He’s eleven. He had no idea a Transformation had taken place. He’s using his logical mind (his thoughts) to figure out how to escape from his current situation. In reality, a brand-new Not-I was attempting to come forth. It was talking to Harry. It was suggesting that Harry make a run for it.

I think this was extremely significant in light of what many people expect Transformation to be like, or expect it to feel like. Harry had been transformed. He was the Philosopher’s Stone. We know that because the Stone is in his pocket. But Harry didn’t realize the Power the Stone had given him. Why? Because he didn’t feel any different than he felt before the Stone was given to him.

We don’t receive the Stone, and then change. We receive the Stone because we’ve already made those permanent changes real for us.

When Harry received the Stone from his Double, all he cared about was protecting it. He wanted to get the Stone to keep it away from Quirrell, but “not use it” himself. Harry had gone Home, but Home wasn’t where our conditioned state has told us Home is at. Home is not a heavenly place. It’s a state of being.

When Harry passed through the Veil without defending himself toward the end of Book 7, (the last aspect he was clinging to was his pride), he didn’t end up in some heavenly environment. He ended up at King’s Cross.

King’s Cross is where “what is” connects and intersects with what’s valuable – the center point of the horizontal and vertical axis of The Cross. When Harry returned to the mortal world, he once again took upon himself the automatic conditioning that controlled the physical body. In addition, he became subject to suggestion again, but the difference was what he did, and how he handled those suggestions and temptations.

The Stone doesn’t protect us from suggestions and temptation, so Harry’s awareness was trying to create a new entity to handle the situation. This new entity was trying to get Harry to identify with it, even in his Transformed condition. It was trying to convince Harry that fearing harm or death was valuable. Temptation is a given in the material world, even for Masters of Compassion. Jesus Christ was driven into the wilderness to be tempted of the Devil – his own mortal conditioning.

By watching a Not-I attempt to come forth within the transformed Harry, we are given the gift of seeing exactly how they’re born as well as how they work. That knowledge can help our True Self prevent further personalities from taking root while we’re doing the work necessary for the Holy Spirit to cleanse our awareness from the personalities we created when we were asleep. While we are in the mortal world, cleansing ourselves is an ongoing process.

The voice inside Quirrell’s head believed Harry was lying. That made Quirrell even angrier, and he shouted at Harry to reveal what he saw. One group of false personalities attempt to achieve non-disturbance by doing whatever they are told to do, but the other group tries to achieve the same thing by controlling others. This creates a Slave-Master relationship, and is what we see going on between Quirrell and Voldemort.

Harry had Quirrell accusing him of lying and trying to frighten him into revealing what he saw. He also had a brand new Not-I trying to birth itself by getting Harry to identify with it. Although Quirrell spoke of Harry as being too weak to seek for power, Harry was in total control of the situation. He hadn’t accepted the Not-I’s suggestion to run. He hadn’t reacted to Quirrell’s accusation or Voldemort’s demands. He’s completely centered.

This was the same state of being Harry was in when he left King’s Cross. He had given up all of his spiders and every aspect of his conditioning to arrive there. While there, he was given additional understanding about his situation, was taught that he couldn’t save everyone, and gained insight into the value of returning to mortal life.

Since Harry hadn’t reacted to Quirrell’s demands, the voice inside of Quirrell decided to speak to Harry himself. From the very beginning, Voldemort always considered his power to control almost unmatched, but his consistent use of voice in bringing to pass and maintaining that slave-master relationship cautions us about accepting all of our thoughts as if they were our own.

Within our conditioning, it’s difficult to discern the difference between “I” and Voldemort because Voldemort always appeals to our greed, vanity, and pride, or he ignites our guilt, insecurities, and fears in hopes of convincing us to do what he wants us to do. He does that by entering our mind and speaking to us as if our thoughts were our own.

When Harry returned from King’s cross, he was no longer functioning from the perspective of his earlier conditioning. He had a new set of values. He had a new way of looking at the world. He had a new understanding of “what is,” and how all of those things have value – even things that appeared to be bad or evil.

When he returned to the mortal world, he also had the power that came from being totally consumed with the Pure Love of Christ. Not only did Harry lay down his mortal life for his friends to arrive there, but once there, he also lay down his ability to “Go On.”

So now, it was time for Harry and Voldemort to meet face-to-face