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Harry Potter's Invitation to the World

by Vickie Ewell


Chapter 75 – Learning About the One Power
(HP Chapter 16)

As Harry pushed the door open wider, it creaked loudly, alerting Fluffy to their presence. It has taken me a while to figure out who and what Fluffy actually is. What kept tripping me up was thinking that Fluffy represented something the kids were supposed to learn or understand at the physical level, but he doesn’t.

Fluffy guards the doorway that leads to Level Three. The astral plane simply turns his spiritual reality into something more easily visible and identifiable. The kids could hear the dog’s growls and it sniffing in their direction, but in the darkness, it couldn’t see them.

That was the Key I kept tripping over. In most Initiations, the applicant is first placed in darkness to signify his or her ignorance and deceptive condition at the physical level. That important step has been lost from my own spiritual tradition. Here, the kids enter a dark room. They can hear the spiritual force that Fluffy represents, but Fluffy cannot see them yet. He only discerns their presence.

As the kids’ vision improved – the same way that ours does when we enter a darkened room and our vision adjusts – they can see a harp lying at the dog’s feet. Ron assumed it was left there by Professor Snape. That showed us his current ignorant condition. The first time through this Initiation, we probably believed that, too. We were being deceived by what we saw and heard the kids say, the same as the kids were.

Quirrel had gone through the trapdoor before Harry arrived. That suggests that Voldemort had traveled at least some portion of the Path ahead of us. That made him somewhat stronger than us initially, but he has many weaknesses that we can take advantage of if we learn what they are.

Harry didn’t see the Harp in the same frame of reference that Ron did. Harry was the one who actually chose to start the Initiation process. Hermione and Ron were simply following Harry in their ignorant, unsaved condition, so they will help us see things in ourselves that need to be changed or reversed.

Harry’s interpretation of the non-playing harp was that the dog would wake up as soon as you stop playing music. The lower spheres of the Tree of Life all have particular musical notes attached to them. These musical notes represent different vibrations. What Harry had come to realize was that he must raise himself to a particular vibration in order to put the defensive forces within Fluffy to sleep. That was the only way the kids could move from the Etheric plane to the Astral plane.

Although the room was on the third floor, the room represents the Etheric level. Fluffy wasn’t ordinarily visible. He represents the One Power that is in all things and throughout all things.

While it’s easy for some to grasp the idea that the heavens have a single power, such as “I and my father are One,” what most people don’t realize is that both good and evil come from that same power. There isn’t a good power and an evil power. There is only One Power that is in all things and throughout all things.

The book of Isaiah speaks of this One Power in terms of there only being one God. It uses the term “God” because that was what the people of that time period could understand and relate to. “Before Me, there was no God formed, And there will be none after Me.” “Besides Me, there is no Savior.”

Harry raised his flute to his lips and began to play the best he could. It wasn’t a real tune, but the notes were enough to do the trick. Fluffy slumped, dropped to his knees, and fell asleep. This clues us into the fact that the music needed to move forward was actually inner vibration rather than melody. The notes or particular vibrations were enough.

Music calms the spirit. It also raises your vibration level while it’s playing. Gatekeepers are placed at certain points along the Path to make sure that no one passes who hasn’t yet achieved that vibration level consistently. To move beyond a Gatekeeper, we have to literally become the Gatekeeper ourselves.

That means we must raise our vibration level to the Astral level in order to pass into that plane. This might be the reason why the room was on the third floor. To get out of the room, the kids must raise themselves to the next level of being. In addition, the kids must unite to make it all the way to the Stone in the same way that Fluffy is united. Although he is a single power or entity, Fluffy is a trinity.

Harry was playing the flute first, which mirrored that this forward movement was his choice, but to actually get through the trapdoor that leads to Level Three, all three kids will have to work together. When Harry actually plays this level out during Book 2, the seeds planted during this Initiation will bear fruit.

Although it will look like Harry is facing Voldemort’s memory and the basilisk alone, the past (the sword of Gryffindore), the future (the Phoenix), and the present (Harry himself) will unite to cleanse himself of Voldemort’s memory and influence. What we witness at that time is how the power of death used by the basilisk is the same power of purification the One Power uses to cleanse us.

Just as the basilisk fang brought death in its sting, the Phoenix produced healing tears to reverse those effects. Empowered with that knowledge, Harry used the One Power in the basilisk fang to cleanse himself of the diary, and thereby free Ginny. We watch this cleansing take place as black ink poured out of the diary, drenching both Harry and the floor.

Surprisingly, Ron offered to let Hermione go through the trapdoor first, but she wasn’t interested. Moving from the Etheric plane to the Astral plane is apparently resisted by the mind. Hermione hung back. She’s frightened. She was the first one to use the term “trapdoor.” That word made me think of a trap, but Hermione also tended to get angry when she was afraid. She didn’t like to take risks. She preferred to walk a safe Path. We are seeing parts of her, as well as ourselves, that needs to be cleansed and reversed.

I think the only reason why Hermione agreed to go along with all of this was because she believed the other two wouldn’t be able to succeed without her. At this point in time, her vanity and pride are what’s driving her forward.

Being of Muggle parentage, if Voldemort took over the school, Hermione would be expelled and possibly killed. Many organized religions as well as schools use the same sort of manipulation on their members and students to get them to go along with the program: the fear of being expelled or excommunicated. Although that is malicious intent and keeps most individuals in slavery, it works for the better good for some of us because it can drive us from our letter-of-the-law mentality to a more reality-based level of being