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Egyptian Arch-Gnosis Vol. 3

by Jan van Rijckenborgh


Egyptian Arch-Gnosis Vol. 3

The 3rd in a four volume set providing an extensive esoteric commentary on the Corpus Hermeticum .

In the third volume of 'The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis and Its Call in the Eternal Present', the author describes the main obstacles on the path. They are: 1. the wrong understanding of good and evil; 2. the products of the mind not oriented to truth in politics, society, culture and religion; 3. the tendency to use forces received from the spiritual world for earthly needs, and so to betray the spirit. This volume includes the texts of the tenth through twelfth books of the Corpus Hermeticum with extensive esoteric commentary, a full color illustration by Johfra entitled 'The Gate of Saturn' and an 8 page glossary of Gnostic and Rosicrucian terms.

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