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The Last Descendant of the House of Black

by Hans Andréa

My goal is to give you an image of something that is essentially indestructible, unassailable, and incredibly beautiful and that you all possess, albeit in a state of deep sleep. I hope this image will be so clear and vivid that it will stay with you in the future, and shine in your heart as a tranquil, holy thought which can come to life again at any time you turn your mind to it.

The image I want to talk about tonight is what Jan van Rijckenborgh calls:

The mental image of the imperishable man.

You can read about this in Part 1 of The Coming New Man

This subject is never discussed and virtually no one has ever heard of it. That’s because the way it’s discussed in The Coming New Man it sounds highly abstract, and far outside of our normal everyday experience.

However if we can find an inspiring story we can catch a glimpse of the great reality. Then something abstract will become concrete, crystal clear, and unforgettable.

Jan van Rijckenborgh tells us that every thought is a living creature, created by our brain. If we think about a certain subject very often, we feed this mental creature, and it grows ever bigger and more powerful. It can become so powerful it can begin to obsess us, so that we find it difficult to think about anything else. You have probably all known times when it was difficult to control your thoughts because a powerful thought was taking control.

These mental images revolve around us and are constantly in motion. However when we become a seeker for the Divine Life a thought image is created which does not revolve around us but stands motionless in front of us, in a still radiance. Like all mental images it grows when we provide it with sustenance, but it never becomes compulsive. It is an image with its eyes shut. It waits for us in silence until we bring it to life with our deepest, holiest yearning.

Has a story been written about this subject so that it can begin to live clearly in our imagination, and brought into practice?

Yes, there is. In fact this is one of the best known stories ever written. It’s in the best sold books of all times, after the Bible and the thoughts of Chairman Mao. Yes, it’s the story of Harry Potter. This story gives us a very clear picture of the mental image of the immortal human being within ourselves.

In Harry Potter the mental image of the immortal man is called Sirius.

You probably all know that Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, after the sun? Why a star?

When Jesus is born, a star appears in the east to announce his birth. The story of the appearance of a star to announce the birth of the divine human being originated in Egypt. There, Sirius announced the birth of the god Horus.

What can these old legends mean to us, here today?

As you probably all know, every human being has an invisible force field around him. This force field is immortal and remains after we die. It existed before we were born and has the shape of a sphere. Its boundaries are a few metres outside of our body. This means we are standing in the middle of a great, invisible sphere or globe which completely controls our existence, although we don’t notice it.

All our characteristics, all our talents, desires, fears etc are determined by that sphere. Hence everybody’s sphere is different. Close to the outer boundary of the sphere, there are magnetic focal points. There is one of these magnetic foci for every characteristic and every aspect of our being. We can’t see them, but if we could, we would see ourselves standing in a personal, miniature universe, with stars and constellations all around us. All of us have twelve constellations in the force field around us, which we call a microcosm, and together with the twelve signs of the zodiac they determine our character and our fate.

In effect we’re all locked up in a personal prison cell. What do I mean by that? Because here, in this space where we’re sitting now, there is another universe. Complete freedom, peace without conflict, absolute purity, and no trace of evil, suffering and death exist there. Why don’t we perceive and experience that universe? Because the constellations in our personal force field shut them out!

Just as a radio is attuned to a certain wave length to enable us to hear a station, so our force field is attuned to the wave length of this particular universe. Because of the frequency our own force field is attuned to, we’re shutting out the eternal, divine universe.

Yet we all have the ability to attune ourselves to the Kingdom of Heaven, as this other universe is often called. For once, long long ago, we all had a force field that was attuned to the universe of eternal peace. Our force field is immortal, and cannot be destroyed, but if we don’t use it for what it’s meant for, it becomes latent. It falls asleep, just as is symbolically told in the Grimm’s fairy tales Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) or The Glass Coffin. And that is exactly what’s happened to our force field. We as the human life wave have taken part in an incident we call ‘the Fall’. In a process that has taken millions of years we have excluded the divine, perfect world from our force field, and we have chosen a world of conflict, exploitation, overwhelming evil, and death.

But you all know we also have a sleeping divine potential in our heart. We call it the pure white lily, or the white rose, or the divine seed. However, that seed is in the centre of our prison cell. It needs light to grow towards. It can’t open without it.

If we begin to yearn for the return to the life with God, something wonderful begins to happen. Our yearning touches a sleeping star in the outermost boundary of our force field. A star that shone as brightly as the sun millions of years ago, begins to give off a tiny ray of light. It’s as if a tiny hole has been drilled in the wall of our prison cell. And through that hole the size of a pin prick, Divine Light is shining. It’s a ray of energy of an incredibly high vibration, higher than any in our fallen universe.

That narrow ray of light shines on the seed in our heart. This means it can open, germinate, and grow into a mighty tree: our Tree of Life.

This dormant sun in the firmament of our sphere shaped force field has always been known about. In the New Testament it’s called the Star of Bethlehem. When Jesus was born, a star appeared in the East. When Harry Potter was born, Sirius became his “Godfather”.

We know that Harry’s mother was called Lily, and his father was a wizard who could change into a stag. The stag symbolises the yearning to return to God. This is why Jan van Rijckenborgh quotes Psalm 42 so often:

As a stag longs for flowing streams,
So longs my heart for you, O God.

What happens when our heart begins to long for the Divine Energy? The Lily begins to open and a new soul is born. In the New Testament this new soul is called Jesus. In Harry Potter it is Harry himself who symbolises the new soul.

If we give water to a seed, it will germinate, and a plant will begin to grow, which will begin to reach towards the light. What sort of plant? We all know that a seed contains a plan which determines the properties of the nascent plant, for example how big it will be, what sort of flowers it will have, what sort of fruit, the type of leaf, etc. We call that plan the genes, and our body is also determined by our genes. The same rules apply to the Child of God who opens himself up to the Divine Universe. There is a plan for his eternal growth and development. Jan van Rijckenborgh calls this ‘the divine archetype.’ That archetype is the divine thought behind the creation of humanity, and every human being has an individual archetype. When we participated in the Fall, we ignored this archetype, and it gradually stopped vibrating. It fell asleep. When the Divine Light falls on the seed in the hart, the archetype linked to it begins to vibrate again. The infinite Plan for Divine Life free of suffering, illness and death, comes back to life. The archetype projects itself into our personal force field and takes up position, like the many mental images alive in our force field. The difference between the divine mental image and the others is that this mental image does not circulate through and around our body, but takes up a position right in front of us, where it shines in tranquillity and stillness. And so when the New Soul has been born, we are bodily confronted by the Divine Plan.

It is vital that we collaborate with this Plan. Whenever we aim our desires and our thoughts towards the New Life in the Divine Universe, we feed this mental image. Our yearning for holiness causes Sirius to shine more brightly, and so the archetype begins to vibrate more powerfully, causing our divine mental image to grow and to increase in vitality. This causes the New Soul to grow.

In Harry Potter Sirius becomes Harry’s mentor and guide and he gives Harry advice when Harry doesn’t know what to do.

Unfortunately there is a traitor in this process. If everything were dead easy we’d all be able to enter liberation very quickly.

In our own body we have a force which appears to be our friend. He has been of great help in the past, and has protected us against enemies. He lives in the spleen-liver system. Jan van Rijckenborgh calls him our desire-being, the blood-I, the earthly soul, or just ‘the I’. (Page 40) I’m going to call it the ‘ego’..

In Harry Potter the spleen-liver system is symbolised by Harry’s best friend, Ronald Bilius Weasley. The word ‘bilius’ refers to ‘bilious’, which means an overdose of bile, produced by the liver. In the first three parts of the story Ron has a pet. What sort of an animal is it? Yes, a rat! What an incredibly appropriate symbol for our ego! A rat is a survivor, but if someone calls us a rat we don’t take it as a compliment! This rat is actually a wizard who has changed himself into a rat.

We hear he used to be a friend of Harry’s father, and of Sirius. But he betrays his friends, and he causes Sirius, who is innocent, to be locked up in prison.

an van Rijckenborgh tells us that the ego begins to cooperate with our yearning for the divine world. The ego is very intelligent, and has a very long history. It shrouds the mental conception of the Eternal Man with illusion, with speculations. The true longing for God ignores the ego, and so it pretends that it approves of this longing. This is the eternal betrayal with which every seeker faces. The ego takes the seeker along to all sorts of interesting esoteric ideas and movements. It whispers in our ears that we can become mighty entities with great occult powers. We hear about people who can travel through the astral world, or develop clairvoyance. By intense concentration we can gain mastery over ourselves, etc. The result is that we are thus diverted from our true yearning. The mental image of the eternal, divine human being is imprisoned in our force field and begins to languish and pine away.

Sirius is in the Azkaban prison and is hungry. The dementors guarding the prison try to suck out all his happy emotions, and he looks starved. Jan van Rijckenborgh says that Prometheus is literally chained to a rock. His liver is eaten every day.

However he manages to escape after 12 years. He seeks out Ron to kill the rat. When he finally finds it, it changes back into the original wizard, but at the last moment it manages to escape. What does this mean?

Jan van Rijckenborgh tells us that we must drive the ego out of the liver-spleen system. The mental conception of the eternal human being must be driven violently through the liver-spleen system to drive out the ego. That means the end of the ego.

This is probably a very abstract and theoretical fact for most of you. However if you read the incredibly exciting story in Part 3 ofHarry Potter, it all becomes crystal clear, easy to understand and unforgettable.

What happens there is that Sirius escapes from the prison and the whole country is in a state of alarm. The wizard-rat, called Scabbers, has killed 12 people, for which Sirius was convicted and imprisoned. Everyone thinks Sirius is out to kill Harry Potter, but he is after Ron’s pet rat. Sirius grabs hold of Ron, but at the moment he wants to kill the rat, Harry intervenes. The rat escapes, and Ron has lost his pet. This is exactly the same story as in The Coming New Man, but now it has become a very exciting, clear and unforgettable event.

In Parts 4 and 5 Sirius becomes Harry’s mentor, guide and inspirer. They love each other very much and Harry would dearly love to live with Sirius. But at the end of Part 5 something horrendous happens. Harry is attacked and Sirius comes to his aid. Someone attacks Sirius and he falls backward through an archway with a veil. He is gone and never comes back. Harry is heartbroken and his heart feels as if it is torn in two.

But, friends, how can something that is eternal, disappear? How can the mental conception of the immortal divine human being die? What does Jan van Rijckenborgh say about this?

In Chapter 8 he says:

When you tread the path of the School, then you will eventually hear the words: “It is for your benefit that I depart, and I will send you the Comforter who will speak to you in My name.”.

Sirius, the bright morning star, departs. What does that mean? Jan van Rijckenborgh says:

It is the glorious moment when, to some degree, the archetype-atom begins to act independently.

Just to recap: when the New Soul has been born, the seeker creates the image of the imperishable man.

Jan Van Rijckenborgh says about this:

Perhaps you now know what image this is. It is a projection of the archetype which becomes clearer and clearer, as a basis for the new man to come. Via the archetype-atom, the image of the immortal man is directly connected with the archetype itself and hence also with the Gnosis. The plan of the great architect is thus accomplished..

But why does this divine image leave us? Why does Sirius disappear through the veil?

He goes to heaven! Where is that heaven? It’s in our own force-field! In our own microcosm.

To understand this, you’ll need to make a mental picture of your microcosm. Imagine a glass sphere with seven levels. Only the seven levels are not situated one above the other, but lie WITHIN each other. To move from a level to a higher level, you don’t move up, but you raise your vibration level.

The goal of the divine creation is that we be able consciously to travel up and down all the levels inside our own microcosm. The upper six levels provide access to the so called six Cosmic Planes above the seventh, where we are now. These Cosmic Planes are filled with an incredibly wonderful, ecstatic divine life in eternal joy without problems, without sickness, suffering and death.

When our own inner Sirius departs from us, it means he is moving into the sixth level of our microcosm, to prepare it for US! This is why Christ says: I go to prepare a place for you.

Just as we all have a higher self or auric being today, so the immortal divine human being also has a higher self or auric being. The Book of Revelation tells us that there will be new earth, AND a new heaven.

We as earthly human beings are the old earth. Our auric being, symbolised in Harry Potter by the most evil wizard of all times, Voldemort, is our plan, our personal god. Millions of people populate this earth, and all of them have a Voldemort. The collective result of the activities of all our Voldemorts can be clearly seen in this world: endless war, human trafficking, exploitation, terrorism, child abuse, enormous wealth beside millions of people dying of hunger, drug abuse, the list goes on. The whole world is filled with suffering, with a few titbits of satisfaction for the rich westerner.

If we defeat our Voldemort, and love our Sirius, our old heaven will be replaced by a new one, which cannot manifest itself in this world. The plan of evil, suffering and death will be replaced by a Plan of eternal love. The old heaven will be replaced by a new one. And if there is a new heaven, a new earth will follow. That means that the personality which we are at the moment is systematically and gradually replaced by a new personality which is immortal, which is a perfect child of God, and which possesses love and wisdom in abundance.

In Chapter 18 Jan van Rijckenborgh quotes the following text from The Book of Revelation:

And a great portent appeared in heaven:
A woman clothed in the sun,
With the moon under her feet,
And on her head a crown of twelve stars.

Jan van Rijckenborgh adds:

A new heaven and a new earth will be created. The latent sun in the auric being will be kindled and its mirror, its moon, the spirit-spark atom will begin its course.

This text in Revelation is illustrated by Johfra in the front of Part 4 of The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis by Jan van Rijckenborgh. Albrecht Dürer has also made an awesome drawing of this.

The sun is Sirius, who has grown from a morning star to the sun; the glorious sustainer of all life on earth. The moon is Harry Potter, the new soul, who reflects the mighty light of the sun and radiates it around himself in selfless love. The crown of 12 stars is the 12 holy constellations which have replaced the fallen signs of the earthly zodiac.

I just want to deviate for a moment to make a few remarks about the symbolism of Sirius.

Sirius was the most important star in ancient Egypt – after the sun, of course.

Sirius is not always a morning star, but in July it rises above the horizon just before the sun. It is a herald for the sun. When Sirius appeared above the horizon like this in Ancient Egypt in July, the whole Kingdom of Egypt broke into rapture. For this sign meant that within a day or two the Nile would flood, bringing fertile earth with it. Egypt would be able to grow food again, and Egypt would come back to life instead of being a barren desert, which a lot of it is. It was the feast of the resurrection. Hence the day that Sirius appeared as a morning star was and is a symbol for resurrection. In fact the first day of the Egyptian calendar was the day of the bright morning star, Sirius. And when I tell you that Jan van Rijckenborgh said during a conference that the Book of Revelation is based on the Book of Henoch, which comes from Egypt, we now know why Christ is called the bright morning star.

We can learn from this that Jesus meets his Christ in his own microcosm. There is a baby, Jesus, who is asleep in our hearts. But there is also a mighty Christ Spirit in our own being.

We all have a lower self – our personality – and a higher self – our auric being, our Voldemort, our Satan. The imperishable human being is constituted in the same way. There is a personality with an immortal soul and incorruptible vehicles (bodies), and also a higher self that lives within his microcosm – a mighty Spirit which surrounds him and fills his life as an eternal sun, as God Himself. Thus Jesus Christ is the symbol of the perfect, divine Man – a lower self surrounded by a higher self. That is the holy symbolism hidden in the most popular children’s book of all times.

And so that is our future, friends. We can all reach this as long as we, just like Harry Potter, have the courage and the yearning, as a stag longs for flowing streams.

But one of you asks, “Sirius had a brother, didn’t he? What on earth does that mean?

Indeed, Sirius had a brother, named Regulus. Regulus is also a star, and it’s in the constellation of Leo. The story tells us that Regulus was a servant of Voldemort. His servants called themselves Death Eaters.

At the same time as Harry is born, and Sirius becomes his God-Father, Regulus begins to regret deeply his promise of loyalty to Voldemort. He has discovered a secret about Voldemort and wants to provide powerful support towards defeating him. However he knows this is possible only if he sacrifices himself.

In an incredibly tragic tale, Regulus’ old house-elf tells how Regulus and he travelled to a magic cave to destroy part of Voldemort’s soul. He succeeds in stealing the part of Voldemort’s soul, called a Horcrux, and the house-elf takes it home with him. Regulus is unable to leave the cave, and he drowns in a horrible way.

What does this mean?

We all have a Regulus in our force field. Regulus is Latin and means ‘little king.’ It is one of the brightest stars in the sky.

Jan van Rijckenborgh tells us that there is a star, or focus of energy, in our microcosmic heaven, and he calls it the Neptunian principle

On page 156 of The Gnostic Mysteries of Pistis Sophia he says: In the dialectical universe one of the most supremely glorious and highest states of being is the Neptunian state. It is the delusion of divinity in the nature of death. We all have a Neptunian magnetic point in our auric firmament.

This star creates the delusion that we are divine, that we are children of God. We are not; we are all children of Voldemort. However when the New Soul has been born, we realise that we must sacrifice our self to be able to defeat Voldemort. We go into the magic cave of our heart, where our emotional I resides, symbolised in Harry Potter by a locket. The emotional I is a focus of consciousness, which, together with the abdominal I and the intellectual I forms our total consciousness. We must remove that focus from the influence of Voldemort, and our illusion that we are divine must die. In other words, we must destroy the delusion that we are the king of our microcosm and be prepared to sacrifice our life for the real king, the Prince of Peace.

Then Jesus will be born in our heart. At the same time the bright morning star will appear: Sirius, the Inner Christ.

However the auric being, the Voldemort in us, knows his days are numbered, and he mobilises everything to make sure the New Soul is killed. Our ego makes sure that Sirius is put in the astral prison. I won’t lie to you: it is a very great struggle to defeat Voldemort! We know that from reading about Harry Potter’s struggle. But Harry succeeds! That‘s the point! He is prepared to die, and so he surrenders himself without a fight to Voldemort. And when Voldemort utters the fatal curse, Harry goes to king’s Cross, the cross of the King. And in a last confrontation between Harry and Voldemort, the latter kills himself. His curse rebounds from the shield of love that Harry always carries with him.

Just to repeat what I said at the beginning of this discussion:

My goal tonight, therefore, is to give you an image of something that is essentially indestructible, unassailable, and incredibly beautiful and that you all possess, albeit in a state of deep sleep. I hope this image will be so clear and vivid that it will stay with you in the coming two months, and shine in your heart as a tranquil, holy thought which can come to life again at any time you turn your mind to it.

If at all possible, read Part 3 of the septology: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Read about Sirius, about the rat, and about Harry, the New Soul. See before you that living image of the New Star, the bright morning star which has the potential to shine in your own microcosmic heaven; an image with dead eyes which will one day come to life. Think about Lily, the flower bud in your heart, and her beloved: the stag that yearns for flowing streams. Then Read The Coming New Man. Then the enormous depth and rapture of your own divine potential will strike you forcefully and inspire you for ever.