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Open Letter To J.K. Rowling OBE

by Hans Andréa


October 31, 2003

Dear Ms Rowling,

I want to thank you profoundly for writing the Harry Potter books.

Others have commented on the outstanding literary and moral value of your great work. However in your work I have discovered a supernal Light that no one else seems to have. In your work I recognise the timeless Path of Human Liberation as taught by all the great spiritual leaders of humanity throughout the millennia. By liberation I mean no less than the complete liberation from the three dimensional time-spatial universe and entrance into the eternal Father's House. This means liberation from death, disease and suffering, and especially from the evil within ourselves. I have been studying this Path and trying to put it into practice all my life. I have gone enough of this Path to know it brings complete and utter joy and happiness.

When people first told me about Harry Potter they said it was a children's book, and I didn't want to read it, but a dear friend pushed it into my hands and not to be rude I took it home. Out of curiosity I started reading it and immediately fell in love with Harry. Almost every sentence has a deep fascination and radiates a spiritual power which I have never before encountered in a book of fiction. As I continued reading (book 2) my hair started to stand on end. Here I recognized the very Path that I have devoted my life to! Hidden deeply but unmistakably underneath the excitement, the action and the mystery I recognized the outline of God's plan for the redemption of fallen humanity more clearly than I have ever seen it in a work of "fiction". Too many to mention are the sublime and refulgent symbols and archetypes which indicate the development along the Path of Return to the Father's House.

As soon as I came to the defeat of the basilisk I recognized the phase of the Path where the new immortal Soul-force kills the serpent of the kundalini coiled up at the bottom of the spine. This serpent-force represents the mistakes of all our past lives and our entire karma. I then realized Harry is the new Soul that is born when a person opens his heart to the Divine Force that is present in this world to bring back the prodigal son.

I then quickly read book 1. Once again my spine tingled. Here was the detailed description of how a pure heart (Lily) and the thirsting for liberation (stag) are the prerequisites for the birth of the new Soul. The muggle world is OUR world, which is hostile to the new soul. At that stage I suddenly woke up to how close Harry Potter resembles the "Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz", published in 1616. Just like Harry, Christian Rosencreutz receives a letter of invitation during a storm and goes to a castle for seven periods of time. The list of other similarities is overwhelming.

I quickly devoured books 3 and 4 and my astonishment increased. The Alchemical Wedding was ever more clearly present, and with breathtaking surprise I saw that Harry was going through the same phases of liberation as Christian Rosencreutz. In book 1 Harry is liberated from the desires of the physical plane in his rejection of what the Philosopher's Stone could bring; in book 2 he frees Dobby, an etheric creature, symbolizing Harry's liberation on the etheric plane; in book 3 Harry overcomes the fear of fear, the most basic of all emotions, through his stag Patronus, which, as I recognized with a tremendous shock of joy, shows that no matter how strong the forces opposing us, our thirst for God (Psalm 42) will always save us. This is Harry's liberation on the astral plane. The symbol of the time-turner teaches us that the new Soul is beyond the restrictions of time.

In the fourth book Harry develops a will-power greater than Voldemort's and so this signifies his liberation on the mental plane.

From my reading of the "Alchemical Wedding" I know that books 5, 6 and 7 must deal with the liberation of the mental ego, the emotional ego, and the consciousness ego respectively. In April I published my prediction on Internet, and to my great joy I saw on June 21 that book 5 does indeed deal with Harry's liberation on the plane of the mental ego. The power of Voldemort (Lucifer) is driven out of Harry's mind through the power of Love.

As I read and re-read the books it all started to fall into place. Harry, as the new Soul born in the heart (GODric's hollow place) meets Hermione, the new Mind. Ron is the earthly personality that must be prepared to sacrifice itself as Ron did in the chess game. Dumbledore, like the Very Ancient One in the Tower of Olympus (Alchemical Wedding), is the Spirit of Liberation. His phoenix indicates that the Path of Liberation is actually the resurrection of the Original Divine Human Being asleep in the heart, just like Briar-Rose. If the new Soul is loyal to the Spirit of Liberation his phoenix will bring the sword of God.

In my study of the Path of Liberation I learned that the alchemical / Rosicrucian traditions teach a set of self-initiations which are named after seven planets in the solar system. I saw 5 of them in Harry's epic journey: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Perhaps you intend to bring Uranus and Neptune in later.

Mercury is the name of the new consciousness given to the candidate on the Path when the new soul awakes. I looked up Hermione in the dictionary and it told me Hermione is the female form of Hermes, the Greek equivalent of Mercury. I was thunderstruck when I read that.

The Venus initiation is something Harry has only just started in book 5. This is obviously divine Love. On the fifth day of the Alchemical Wedding Christian Rosencreutz comes to a room that is always locked. However just for once the room is unlocked and he goes in. He sees a golden fountain extremely reminiscent of the one in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic and then sees the naked Lady Venus lying asleep. This is obviously the same room as the locked room Harry can't open. I believe that in book 6 Harry will open the room and enter it. Just like Christian Rosencreutz he will see Love and be "punished" by becoming a 'gate-keeper' (and yet returning Home). This of course refers to the act of compassion that a liberated human being has for those left behind in the Vale of Suffering.

This opening of the room of Love will tie in seamlessly with the liberation on the plane of the emotional ego. Harry's heart will be free and filled with Love for ever.

The Mars initiation is something Harry achieved through his defeat by will-power of Lucifer in book 4.

In my April post on Internet I also predicted the Jupiter initiation. This came along in the brilliant description of Harry's acceptance of the leadership of Dumbledore's Army.

The Gate of Saturn was introduced in book 5. It is obviously the archway with the veil. In accordance with the teachings of the Path of Liberation, and especially the Alchemical Wedding, I believe Harry will pass through the Gate of Saturn - not to die the ordinary death of us who are shackled to the wheel of reincarnation, but the death of total self-sacrifice, resulting in the resurrection of the Son of God in an imperishable and indestructible body of glorious majesty.

After reading the prophecy I felt a tinge of recognition. I picked up "The Voice of the Silence" by HP Blavatsky and found verse 56: "The Self of matter and the SELF of Spirit can never meet. One of the twain must disappear; there is no place for both." I feel that this is the key to understanding the prophecy. Harry will not kill Voldemort. The divine soul does not fight. It always withdraws from conflict and radiates Love to take its place. Evil always destroys itself in the presence of Love, and that is what Voldemort will do. And Harry will liberate his consciousness ego, thus entering the universal, omniscient, multidimensional, and divine consciousness. He will come Home, but his compassion for humanity will make him work for its redemption until the last fallen soul has returned to the Father's arms.

I strongly believe that your work will radically change the future of humanity. I can see a great likelihood that a new religion will form as a result of the power that emanates from your work. The founder of the Anthroposophical movement, Dr Rudolf Steiner, said that from the beginning of this millennium all the world's religions would become united under the banner of Christian Rosencreutz. I seriously suspect Harry Potter is the new Christian Rosencreutz.

Your books are a window on the Path of Resurrection. One day a door will open so that people will actually be able to follow Harry on the Path. I have no idea when or how this will happen, but I believe with all my heart that it will. The window you are creating fills me with so much happiness and rapture that I can't express it. It almost makes me jump and shout for joy.

No letter, no words, nothing, can express the debt of gratitude the world owes you.

With the utmost sincerity and respect,
Hans Andréa

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