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by M. Temple Richmond



Book Back Cover:

Esoteric astrologer M. Temple Richmond's Sirius offers a fresh look at the spiritual significance and astrological influence of this important and widely recognized fixed star. Drawing from the literature of the Ageless Wisdom tradition, the text demonstrates that Sirius:

  • Radiates the qualities of universal love and intuition
  • Functions as part of a vast cosmic heart center
  • Is linked with universal and cosmic principles, such as the laws of Karma and Periodicity
  • Is the Great Star of Initiation, the origin of Hierarchy, and the home of the Masonic Tradition
  • Manifests as the Principle of Freedom
  • Reveals the distinction between good and evil through divine discriminating conscience
  • Enhances the server's ability to cooperate with Hierarchy and the Plan
  • Acts through an intricate system of astrological intermediaries

At 420 pages in length, the text is abundantly illustrated and footnoted, and includes a comprehensive glossary of esoteric terms. Astrologers, Masons, Theosophists, and enthusiasts of the Alice Bailey literature will all delight in the revelations to be found in Sirius.

"Let us, therefore, enter humbly and reverentially into meditative contemplation of Sirius, the custodian of occult mystery, for in contemplating this great star-being, we encounter a sacred source of transcendence."

       -- M. Temple Richmond


Extract From Book (A Summary of Sirian Influence)

Here is a description of some of the extra-systemic energies available to us at the time of the Full Moon with Sun in tropical Leo and Moon in tropical Aquarius, the soli-lunar festival during which contact with the influence of the star Sirius may be made.

According to the Ageless Wisdom teaching, Sirian energy is:

  1. Universal Love, or Love-Wisdom,
  2. Buddhi, expressing as
    1. non-possessive, universal Love
    2. the Christ principle or soul
    3. intuition, producing group consciousness
    4. spiritual discernment
    5. forces of unification
    6. the unifying principle of groups
    7. spiritual vision
    8. awareness of Hierarchy,
  3. Buddhi, expressing as
    1. isolated unity, or disengagement from the constant fluctuations of the mind nature (or the mastery of meditation)
    2. the Spirit of Death, or release from form
    3. the Pathway of Power to Sirius, characterised by
      1. release of consciousness from form
      2. the process of reabsorption
      3. forces acting under the Law of Attraction
      4. akashic currents
      5. Ray Four
      6. the planetary antahkarana
    4. the culture of freedom characterising the work of the Hierarchy,
  4. Consciously contacted only after the Third Initiation,
  5. Void of all sense of separation (or evil),
  6. the agent of the Cosmic Christ,
  7. instrumental in the rise of the Human Kingdom,
  8. the origin of Hierarchy on our planet,
  9. the establisher of the Mysteries of Initiation upon our planet,
  10. potent in processes of initiation upon our planet,
  11. transmitted through Rods of Power,
  12. used by Hierarchy to prepare candidates for Initiations 2, 4, and 6,
  13. connected to Cosmic Path IV,
  14. behind the existence of the Masonic Order,
  15. a point of emanation for cosmic and other avatars,
  16. a source of Manas,
  17. connected with the Cosmic Mental Plane,
  18. the origin of Karmic Law,
  19. the cause of Periodicity,
  20. connected with the heart centre of the Cosmic Logos, and
  21. distributed through the agency of numerous triangles.

From Sirius, by M. Temple Richmond
pp. 346 - 347.


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