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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 37 - Lucius

When we consider our physical body, we know that we control it via the central nervous system, with its brain as the organiser and master. All our senses come together there, and our brain is the central computer that links everything together. Watching the screen of the central computer is the I-consciousness.

The brain is extremely complicated, and we’re usually not aware of everything the brain is doing at any time. We know it goes on working when we’re asleep. In fact, it has a kind of consciousness of its own; it’s not really controlled by the I-consciousness. It is this autonomous activity of the brain, and the physical brain itself, that is personified by Lucius Malfoy. His paleness is a clue; I see it as referring to the pale colour of the brain.

We can tell there is nothing divine about Lucius, because he is one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters. This is literally true, because there are 12 magnetic lines of force connecting the microcosmic firmament – Voldemort – with the brain. In fact the I-consciousness is a result of the 12 magnetic lines of force, and so is in effect the vassal of the brain, and not its master. But our I-centred consciousness doesn’t know that.

Humanity in general regards the intellect – i.e. a well-functioning brain – extremely highly. The authorities reward people with wellfunctioning brains very highly, and so ‘brainy’ people can get a good education and achieve highly paid salaries with great personal prestige. In fact our whole ‘civilisation’ is based on the human intellect. Scientists, inventors, authors, doctors and educators are highly respected and listened to, and are regarded as the backbone of our civilised way of life.

This has given man a great sense of superiority. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we tend to believe that the brain will solve all our problems; that the intellect is man’s greatest gift, and people often call the intellect the human spirit. Hence the brain has become a kind of god in our world. We have placed it on a throne and worship it with great reverence. No wonder Lucius is depicted as a very arrogant man.

When the New Soul is born, the intellect with its conceited attitude of knowing and understanding everything and being able to solve all problems, has to be cast off its throne. The seeker who wants to change lead into gold has to stop worshipping the intellect and assume an attitude of genuine humility, turning to the heart as the Master, and not the intellect.

In Harry Potter Lucius constantly tries to thwart Harry, but in Part 6 is put in gaol. This is a very dramatic way of symbolising the way the alchemist shifts his intellect to a more humble position and in fact uses it to understand the voice of the heart – Harry. When the candidate for transfiguration has accomplished the defeat of Voldemort, the physical body with its brain and intellect can be used to serve the resurrected Divine Human Being in his communication with Muggles.

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