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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 25 - Sirius (2)

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When we think, we form small astral clouds around our head, and these thought-forms drift around our body in an anticlockwise circulation, from the head down to the upper abdomen, through the spleen and liver, and out the other side, up again.

This is the normal state of affairs in every human being. In addition to these thought-forms there is an influence in many people which turns them into a seeker. That is the Thought-spark or seed of the original spirit. It is symbolised by Lily in Harry Potter. If the lily is closed up in its petals there’s no influence to change our way of thinking. However through various causes, the lily in the heart can begin to open one petal, so to speak. Such a person begins to suspect that the purpose of life is not just eating, sleeping, sex and entertainment. He/she begins to search for the purpose of life. The seeker is born.
Obviously this influences the seeker’s thoughts. And equally obviously a new thought-form is produced that corresponds with the seeking pattern. In the beginning this thought-form is very vague and indistinct and hence powerless. But after a lot of experimentation the seeker will discover that liberation is the purpose of life, and that this can be achieved only by giving up the self-interest. The thought-form now begins to take on a clear shape and begins to radiate power. Sirius Black is born.
This thought-form does not circulate, however! It stands still in front of the seeker, shining like a bright morning star. And, as I mentioned last time, there is a corresponding light in the sixth auric ring of the microcosm.
Paul was aware of this and mentions it in the First Letter to the Corinthians. Chapter 15 verse 49: Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven. Sirius is the personification of the thought-image of the heavenly human being.
I mentioned previously that a seed contains a germ, energy, and a plan. When the divine spark in the heart begins to vibrate, or catches fire as we say mystically, the ‘plan’ which the Divine Spirit created all those millions of years ago begins to project itself in the aura of the human being. Initially this projection of the plan is lifeless, but as the new soul grows it begins to become conscious. It takes on its role of giving instructions to the new soul so that it knows what to do, how to grow up as intended by God.

Chapter 24, Peter Pettigrew, explains that Peter – alias Scabbers – personifies the ego, situated in the upper abdomen, around the solar plexus, the spleen and the liver. The thought-forms circulate through the ego.
The ego is behind all our thoughts and desires. In fact we could say it is the master of our desire body, our astral body. Our thoughts obviously stem from our desires. Our desires feed our thoughts and our thoughts feed our desires. Until Harry is born.

Have a look at such a person’s situation. The lily has begun to open. A bright silvery stag stands next to the lily and hopes fervently for a child. Sirius is in the seeker’s firmament and gives bright solace and hope. The microcosmic self is the boss and Scabbers is his servant, though Lily and James don’t know it. Then Lily gives birth to a beautiful baby. This is the baby that has been prophesied to kill the overlord, Voldemort. Sirius is immediately made God-Father because he is Harry’s pattern, his example, his mentor and loving guide.
Voldemort feels the pain of Harry’s presence and tries to rid his world of the trouble makers. He kills James and Lily, but the love in Lily is so great that Harry is unharmed. However the microcosmic self is greatly reduced in power. Harry has to live in the cold, unmagical world that does not recognise his greatness. The new soul has to learn to live in the everyday world removed from God. As explained in Chapter 23, the ego has deceived the seeker into imprisoning the thought-form of the heavenly man. Sirius is imprisoned in all sorts of egocentric spiritual and religious pursuits. He grows weaker and weaker.
But the new soul grows and Sirius manages to escape. He is able to expel the ego which escapes to its creator, the microcosmic self. Just like a normal thought-form he circulates through the solar plexus, but instead of boosting the ego, which normal thoughts do, he drives it out.
However Dementors, or rulers of the eons as Pistis Sophia calls them, try to suck the life out of both the new soul and the thought-form. The new soul is able to drive them away because of the powerful longing he has for liberation.
Forces all around Harry are trying to stop him growing to maturity and living with Sirius. Together Harry and Sirius are destined to become the new rulers of the microcosm. Such a new human being is extremely powerful in goodness, truth and justice, something which the established order doesn’t want.
Buckbeak, symbolising the liberating Christ radiations from the Brotherhood ofthe Masters ofCompassion, is ready to be sacrificed. Sirius has been captured by Snape, the dark side of the personality. Things suddenly look very grim. However the new, divine soul, Harry, surrenders to the Christ radiations which immediately lift the soul up to great new spiritual heights. The mental image of the heavenly man is also lifted up by the redeeming Christ-rays and is set free to guide, inspire and encourage the new soul.

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