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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 23 - Sirius (1)

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Let me first give some background information.We’ll have to go right back to the beginning of creation. I’ve explained that the deepest spiritual core of the human being as a microcosm is a Thought-spark of the original spirit. My chapter on Lily explains how difficult it is to describe it in concrete terms. Is it a seed? Is it a flower bud? Is it an egg? Is it a mother? It’s none of those but it has the potential to produce a human being who can develop into a god.
Many millions of years ago this divine principle developed into a divine human being in many microcosms. But some of these human beings deviated from the divine plan and they descended into a universe where they were not supposed to dwell. That universe was meant to be a laboratory where work had to be done. However these human beings saw their form ‘reflected in the water’ and they fell in love with it. This is the legend of Narcissus.
When they fell in love with their own image they made the mistake of associating themselves with something that is constantly changing. The characteristic of this universe, the Seventh Cosmic Plane, is change. The spirit is unchanging, so when these human beings immersed themselves in matter, their situation became impossible. The spirit withdrew from their microcosm, and so they were left without a guide. The soul died and all that was left was the personality, which was originally intended to be the vehicle in which the soul, united with the spirit, could express itself. However the original Thought-spark of the Spirit also remained, as it is indestructible. It is possible for the mortal personality to dedicate itself to the rebirth of the original soul, and so bring it back to life. And there, deep in the heart of every seeker, is the original Thoughtspark of the Divine Spirit. If we consider a seed, we know it has some properties. It has a tiny germ, it has energy for the germ to grow, and it has a plan for the future plant.

If we now look at Harry Potter we know that Lily gave birth to Harry. Harry personifies the original soul that emanates from the divine Thought-spark. But there is also energy, and a plan that is to be followed. In a physical seed the plan is in the chromosomes. In a divine thought spark there are no chromosomes, but there definitely is a mental plan which is silently resting in one of the planes of existence until it is vivified.
If we consider a microcosm just before the new soul is born, we can imagine the following:
There is the divine Thought-spark in the heart, about to burst into flames again. That’s Lily, pregnant with Harry. Then there’s James, the seeker, who has at last found the meaning of life, and is longing for the inner God to be born. And there’s Voldemort, who knows what’s going on. It has been prophesied that Lily will give birth to a son who will vanquish Voldemort. But there is something else that’s difficult to explain.

The microcosm has seven planes of existence, just like the universe. The original human being was active in the SIXTH plane of the microcosm. Both the microcosmic self and the personality originally vibrated with an intense life in the Sixth Cosmic Plane of the microcosm. This means the sixth ring or shell of the microcosm was active, and the rays of sustaining energy entered the microcosm through this shell.
To understand this, imagine that you’re in a glass sphere. By means of an electronic instrument you are able to change the colour of the glass to one of seven colours. You can imagine that if you change the colour of the glass to red, the glass will only permit red light rays to enter the sphere. As soon as you change the colour to green, only green rays enter, and so on.
When the human being manifested himself in the Sixth Cosmic Plane, the sixth shell was open to the rays of energy of that plane. This plane we call the Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, etc. The human being existed in great glory and happiness. However, a large group of the human entities started to make their abode in the Seventh Cosmic Plane, which was not intended for that purpose. This meant that the seventh shell of the microcosm started to open itself to the energy of the Seventh Cosmic Plane, while the sixth ring started closing up. That was the birth of Voldemort and the death of the previous microcosmic self. This process took many millions of years of our time reckoning.
The position today is that our microcosm still has those seven rings, but the sixth one (and Nos. 1-5) is totally dormant, while the seventh one vibrates and allows energy from the fallen universe to enter it. The microcosmic self absorbs this energy and keeps the personality going.
Now let’s make the picture a little more detailed and we’ll be able to explain Sirius soon. Imagine that the seven glass spheres are not transparent throughout their surface, but look like a night sky, with transparent foci which look like stars. The stars in the microcosmic firmament are arranged into twelve groups, like a microcosmic zodiac. These transparent concentrations of light shine inwards into the microcosm. Once again, these points of light allow only the light-energy (of an astral nature) of the Seventh Cosmic Plane to enter the microcosm, because the other rings are not vibrating.
There comes a time in the life of every potential seeker, though, that he begins to realise he is imprisoned. And as soon as this feeling of imprisonment begins to manifest itself, a longing for liberation is born. That’s when James unites with Lily and Harry is born. Now this is an extremely important moment in the story of Harry Potter: a tiny ray of light from the SIXTH COSMIC PLANE, i.e. from Heaven, from God, suddenly enters the microcosm for the first time in aeons, and falls on the Lily in the heart. But how can a ray of light from the Sixth Cosmic Plane enter the microcosm when the sixth shell is dormant? The moment Harry is born a hole is breached in the prison wall, so to speak. A star appears in the heaven of the sixth microcosmic ring. This is the star of Bethlehem! This is why a star is seen in the east when Jesus is born. The east is the symbol of new life, while the west is the symbol of the end of the old life.
When Harry is born, Sirius shines in Harry’s sky. Sirius was the star of the resurrection to the ancient Egyptians. When for the first time Sirius came up in the morning just before the sun, this was declared the first day of the Egyptian calendar. It was the harbinger of the flooding of the Nile and so meant renewed life for the Egyptians. The name of Sirius therefore has very powerful connotations.
We know that when Harry is born, Sirius is made his God-Father. Sirius becomes Harry’s example, his mentor and his guide.
As I have said, Harry personifies the new soul that is born out of the eternal principle in the heart. Harry is the germ in the seed, so to speak. But as I mentioned a seed needs a plan for growth, and energy. It is Sirius who personifies the plan for the growth of the new soul, which is the first step in the re-creation of the original divine human being. When the new energy enters the microcosm for the first time in aeons, it begins to project into the microcosm a mental image of the Coming New Human Being as he was planned by God in the beginning. This mental image is projected into the aura of the seeker and silently inspires and motivates the seeker. As the soul grows in grace, so does the mental image, the mental projection of God’s plan.

We know that when Harry is born, the microcosmic self tries to kill the new soul, but the new soul actually weakens the microcosmic self. Voldemort tries to kill Harry but ends up being weakened. Harry radiates a light that is totally disharmonious to the life in the microcosm.

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