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The Triumph of Goodness

by Lisa Cherrett


The Triumph of Goodness

Book Overview

Biblical themes in the Harry Potter stories

In recent years J.K. Rowling's books about Harry Potter and his friends at the wizards' academy of Hogwarts have become a worldwide publishing and film phenomenon. Some Christians, however, have become concerned that the stories could encourage an unhealthy interest and even involvement in the occult, as well as showing less-than-Biblical standards of behaviour by the central characters.

By contrast, C.S. Lewis spoke of the need to find 'sub-Christian' myths that can provide a foothold for the gospel in the reader's mind-and this book explores how the themes and events of the Harry Potter stories can in fact lay foundations for understanding aspects of the Christian faith. Countering the opposition to the series, the author provides a balanced critique of these hugely popular stories, showing how Christians can fulfil their God-given calling to engage positively with today's culture. It is essential reading for Christian parents, teachers and lovers of good books.

Includes comment on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (book five).

Lisa Cherrett is BRF's Project Editor and Managing Editor, Bible reading notes. She has been involved in leading worship and Sunday school teaching in her home church, as well as writing regularly for the church magazine on issues relating to the Christian response to contemporary culture.

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