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Elementary Philosophy of the Modern Rosycross

by Jan van Rijckenborgh


Elementary Philosophy of the Modern Rosycross

Preface to the Book:

This book is intended for those who, urged by remembrance of the original divine life, are seeking orientation in the universal philosophy of the Rosycross. the contents are a summary of lectures given in 1944/1946.

May this book find its way to many seekers and be of help wherever it is possible.

J. van Rijckenborgh


Book Review:

This book sets out the gnostic Christian philosophy of the Golden Rosycross, the Lectorium Rosicrucianum, in a simple and straightforward way. It covers, amongst other topics, magic of all kinds, karma, reincarnation, involution (the Fall) and (true) evolution, the structure of man and that of the world, the Universal Brotherhood, the School itself, the church, spiritualism, hypnosis, the relationship between male and female, diet, intoxicants, politics, esotericism, prayer and the Bible. And it covers the basic principles of liberation, and the methods to use to achieve it. All in just over 200 pages.

It does not cover Rosicrucian cosmology in depth or in detail - for this, I would recommend reading Max Heindel's Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, which is also described on the Seekers page of the website. To achieve the greatest value, I would recommend reading this book after reading Max Heindel's book, because it makes some key corrections to Heindel's conclusions which, to my understanding, make all the difference with regard to reaching liberation. And if you read the two books together, it may help to make clear, as it did for me, from the first book: where Grindelwald's ideas and his limitations came from, and from the second book: how Harry Potter and his friends put into practice the living truth that underpins Rosicrucian symbolism, and use it to defeat Voldemort.

Christina Nihill


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