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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 64 - Felix Felicis

It was as though the potion was illuminating a few steps of the path at a time. He could not see the final destination, he could not see where Slughorn came in, but he knew that he was going the right way to get that memory. From: The Half-Blood Prince Chapter 27

Harry Potter is a complete road map to liberation. It shows the true seeker exactly what to do, where to go, and what happens to him. We just have to read with the heart.

The word magic means the ability to work with non-physical forces. One of the most potent means of practising magic is prayer. However it is a mistake to think that every prayer reaches the ears of God, i.e. Tao, the causeless cause of the Universal Kingdom of Eternal Light. The height, i.e. the vibration level the prayer rises up to, depends on the motivating force which causes the prayer to be sent up. Should the prayer be sent up by the ego, symbolised by Peter Pettigrew, it will reach only Voldemort’s ears. For a prayer to reach Tao it must come forth from the pure white Lily in the heart, motivated by a deep thirst for the Living Tao, a thirst personified by James Potter. The Lily is a Thought-spark of Tao and so only that is capable of causing a prayer, i.e. a magnetic impulse, which has a vibration rate capable of reaching Tao. If we are truly on the Path of Liberation and we need help to decide what to do, we can turn to the pure centre of the heart, and, motivated by a humble and totally honest desire to do God’s Will, we can send out an inner cry of help by means of a silent mental prayer. Then we will receive help directly from Tao. This will be in the form of an illumination. The answer to our prayer will be as though it is illuminating a few steps of the path at a time. We cannot see the final destination, but we’ll know that we’re going the right way to get there.

Alchemy in Harry Potter - End Chapter Snitch