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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 55 - Hagrid and the Giants

One day, when Ron is engaged in playing Quidditch, Hagrid asks Harry and Hermione to come into the Forbidden Forest with him. When they reach a place deep in the forest, they see a great mound of earth that moves rhythmically up and down, accompanied to the sound of deep, grunting breathing. They realise to their horror that it is a sleeping giant.

I couldn’ leave him,’ said Hagrid, tears now trickling down his bruised face into his beard. ‘See — he’s my brother!’

From: The Order of the Phoenix Chapter 30

In the Chapter about Hagrid I told you he is a Bodhisattva, a Master of Compassion. Whom does the Bodhisattva regard as his brother? Humanity, of course! I said that Hagrid’s love of dragons symbolises his love for human beings. But his love is not limited to human beings who are able to go the Path of Liberation but extends to all of humanity. This makes him not only a Bodhisattva, but also a hierophant, as such a person is called. This means he is one of the Elder Brothers of humanity who guide our development, our spiritual education, our destiny as a human race. They are sometimes referred to as the Body of Christ.

Here is a small quote from ‘Hagrid’s Tale’ in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’:

Anyway, that firs’ day we gave ‘im a branch o’ Gubraithian fire.’ Hermione said, ‘Wow!’ softly, but Harry and Ron both frowned in puzzlement. ‘A branch of — ?’ ‘Everlasting fire’, said Hermione irritably, ‘you ought to know that by now. Professor Flitwick’s mentioned it at least twice in class!’ ‘Well, anyway,’ said Hagrid quickly, intervening before Ron could answer back, ‘Dumbledore’d bewitched this branch to burn fer evermore, which isn’ somethin’ any wizard could do, an’ so I lies it down in the snow by Karkuss feet and says, ‘A gift to the Gurg of the giants from Albus Dumbledore, who sends his respectful greetings.’’ ‘And what did Karkus say?’ asked Harry eagerly. ‘Nothin’,’ said Hagrid. ‘Didn’ speak English.’ From: The Order of the Phoenix Chapter 30

This is the legend of Prometheus! This is the powerful and sublime Greek legend of the god who stole fire from Mt Olympus and gave it to humanity! To whom did Hagrid give fire? The giants. Here is an instance where the symbolism is as clear as crystal, and you don’t need any esoteric knowledge to understand it. Here are some more things about giants:

1. They speak different languages and spend a lot of energy fighting each other. Conclusion: these are the nations of the earth. 2. They resent magicians. Conclusion: humanity is pretty materialistic. People believe only what they see. They don’t like ‘magic’, which is the code word in Harry Potter for spiritual things. 3. They are literally making themselves extinct. Conclusion: That’s us alright! 4. They are more inclined to listen to Voldemort (Lucifer, the ruler of this world) than Dumbledore (the Holy Spirit). Conclusion: If we aligned with Dumbledore would we have had the Second World War? The Holocaust? The horrendous problems of hunger, refugees, massacres, drugs, human slavery, etc. that make the lives of many millions of people absolute hell?

I left on the bit about the Gurg not speaking English because when the Masters of Compassion try to speak to us we don’t understand them.

Just to add a few more thoughts about the gifts Hagrid brought: the fire of course is not physical fire but spiritual fire. The Masters of Compassion want to give us the liberating spiritual fire; the fire that never ceases burning. How crystal clear this is.

The second gift was an indestructible helmet, and the third gift a roll of dragon skin. Dragon skin is extremely strong and impenetrable. If a cloak is made out of this it gives the wearer invulnerability. The three gifts: everlasting fire – an indestructible helmet – a roll of dragon skin. A pattern emerges: the fire in the heart, the helmet on the head, the dragon skin on the body. Heart, head and body. Harry, Hermione and Ron. The three temples in the human body.

These are the three gifts which the Spirit gives humanity via the hierophants: renewal of the heart, renewal of the head, and renewal of the body. This renewal makes the three temples everlasting, indestructible and invulnerable.

The mortal soul-fire in the heart is replaced by the everlasting soulfire, the I-centred consciousness is replaced by the indestructible Helmet of Salvation, and the mortal, biological body is replaced by the invulnerable spiritual vehicle of the Child of God. This is what is offered by the hierophants to those who wish to return to God. It’s a pity we don’t understand the language of the hierophants, isn’t it?

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