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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 50 - Arthur and Molly

The pituitary gland, as you no doubt all know, is the master gland. It is close to the central consciousness in the head and it regulates the other endocrine glands via its hormones.

Here two people personify one gland because the pituitary gland or hypophysis has two lobes, the anterior and the posterior lobes. According to the liberating teachings, the lobes are oppositely charged, while in men the corresponding lobes are also oppositely charged to the ones in women.

When the new soul has been born, it spreads from the heart to the head, initially via the thymus hormone (Percy brings Harry to the Gryffindor common room in the tower in Part 1). The new soul-fire then concentrates in the part of the pituitary gland between the two lobes. This is illustrated in Part 2 by Harry being accepted and loved by the Weasley household.

The chakra associated with the pituitary gland is the brow chakra. Half the chakra is red, and the other half indigo: red for Arthur and indigo for Molly. The ingenuity behind Harry Potter is quite dazzling! From there it’s a small step to make all the kids red headed, as red is a fairly predominant colour in the chakras, and Ginny’s chakra is a brilliant red.

When the brow chakra starts turning the other way, the new consciousness is born. This is the moment of victory, the moment death has been conquered for ever. This is the death of the ordinary temporary consciousness. It just merges into the new consciousness as a candle flame merges into the sun. It’s no longer there - yet it has become part of the great, divine consciousness that is permanently linked to God.

There’s one other point associated with this. As I said, the pituitary gland has two lobes. The anterior lobe, according to the teachings of liberating alchemy, is associated with the Head Sanctuary of the human temple, and the posterior lobe is associated with the Heart Sanctuary. We could say that Arthur is a philosopher-magician while Molly is a mystic-magician. Together they form an extremely powerful magical team.

For all practical purposes it is virtually impossible to go the Path of Liberating Alchemy alone. To defeat Voldemort there has to be an Order of the Phoenix! According to the teachings of liberation it is the power of the pituitary gland that enables a group of men and women to pool their magic power together to form a group forcefield in which the Holy Spirit can dwell. In liberating alchemy men and women are absolutely equal, and in fact can’t do the work of liberation without each other.

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