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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 49 - Charlie

The next chakra we see as we move up the spinal column is the throat chakra, personified by Charlie Weasley. This chakra is connected with the thyroid gland and the pharynx. The throat chakra affects the pharynx very much, and so this chakra is in harmony with our speech.

We probably don’t realise this, but our speech is our most powerful magical faculty. Harry Potter readers will know just how important speech is in magic, but do we everthink about the effects our speech has on our environment? Do we ever think about what incredibly deep and painful wounds our words can cause? Do we realise our words can actually destroy people’s lives? Do we think about the pain caused by sarcasm, by teasing, by lies? Do we stop and think about how words can be made to deceive? Do we consider the destruction caused by criticism? Or how we resemble animals when we quarrel? And then how many of us often pour out a stream of words like a bad case of diarrhoea? In other words how we trivialise our most powerful magical faculty?

Occultism uses speech also. But then it is used to nail the user extra hard to the fallen universe, the world of Voldemort. The alchemist uses speech to liberate himself!

In the previous chapter I explained that the human being has two faculties which he can use to liberate himself and make himself immortal. This is stated by Hermes Trismegistus in his Thirteenth Book of the Corpus Hermeticum. These two faculties are called the Purified Heart and the Word or Speech. They are symbolised respectively by the shield and the sword of the knight of the Holy Grail. In Harry Potter they are personified by Percy and Charlie. Before the alchemist can begin to forge the sword he must first purify his heart. Percy must give up his ambitions and pledge his loyalty to Harry. When the heart sanctuary is pure and clean and free of egocentric motives, the second immortal faculty can be forged. This is a tremendous creative faculty with which the alchemist can destroy all his negative qualities. The Divine Prana (Harry) concentrates intensely in the larynx and the throat chakra starts working in a new way, with great power. When the Word is born in the alchemist, the Holy Spirit can enter and marry the soul. This is when the alchemical wedding can begin.

The Word is symbolised by the sword because of the power and strength which this magical faculty gives to the reborn, immortal son of God. Just as the horn of the unicorn symbolises the new will, the new speech is symbolised by a two edged sword coming out of the mouth of the Divine Human Being. This human being is seen by John on Patmos: like the son of man, [...] from his mouth issued a sharp two-edged sword. The person who has this sword ‘in his mouth’ has the renewed throat chakra, and the holy Spirit and the soul are married within him. When he speaks, his words actually create what he says. For example if he says to a sick person, ‘be healed’, the person will be healed. However this sword will never be used for mundane purposes. It will be used only to do the will of God. If the user were to use it frivolously, or out of favouritism, he would be committing the same kind of act as caused the Fall originally.

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