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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 47 - Fred and George

Who are the two mischief makers who get on so well with Harry? If the Weasleys symbolise the endocrine glands which are so important in the process of alchemy, Fred and George must surely personify the adrenal glands. There they sit, grinning on top of the kidneys, producing adrenalin. No wonder they’re connected on two separate occasions with toilet seats. For aren’t they sitting on top of the body’s toilets?

Theirfunction is vitalto the body as they regulate metabolism andwater and salt balance. If they were to stop working we’d be dead in a couple of days. Their most important function is to maintain the body’s energy level. If a sudden emergency arises they can enable the body to perform almost incredible feats of physical effort that are normally not possible. What has all this to do with Liberating Alchemy? It has everything to do with it, because it is essential to have our energy system in perfect balance. The question is: what do we do with our energy? Do we spend it on pointless things which please the ego or do we use it to help the new soul grow in us? In other words, are we supporting Harry or Voldemort? No wonder Revelation 2:23 says: I am he who searches heart and kidneys. And Psalm 26 says: Test my heart and my kidneys. This is to draw our attention to our adrenal glands and the need to spend our energy wisely. When the new soul force, the Divine Prana, reaches the part of the body where the adrenal glands are situated, these come under the control of the new soul-force, personified by Harry. This is why Harry gives them a thousand Galleons. The new soul-force is a golden colour and so when Harry gives gold we can be sure he is giving his power away, this time to the part of the body controlling energy.

A person with a new soul will always spend his energy unselfishly, helping others in some way on the Path or to the Path.

Harry has made friends with Ginny, and so the sexual force is under control. This is bent upwards and turned into creative energy. Fred and George are also great supporters of Harry and they help him keep his energy in perfect balance.

As the navel chakra,the twins are a flowerwith ten petals, alternately red and green. The energy which this chakra is associated with is emotional energy.

When our inner Harry gives his gold to our inner twins we know that we have our emotional energy under control, as well as our physical energy. This obviously gives the alchemist a great feeling of balance, of having plenty of energy, and of emotional stability.

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