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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 46 - Ron

As we climb up the spinal column we meet a character for the second time. When first I came across this idea I was flabbergasted. How is this possible? How can a character personify two totally different things, one abstract and one concrete?

Ron is the John the Harbinger figure ofthe gospel,the self-sacrificing earthly personality who says, ‘After me comes one who is greater than I’. Yet now I’m saying Ron is the spleen chakra, connected to the pancreas.

But upon reflection, I came across the following facts: Ron had a pet rat who personified the ‘blood-ego’, or‘desire-ego’, the survivor and panic merchant who will go to any lengths to preserve the physical body. This astral consciousness-centre is situated in the solar plexus, in the spleen-liver system.

Ron is very fond of food. The books often mention his wonderful appetite and how he likes to stuff his mouth with food. He especially likes sweet things. Remember the conversation with Hermione about sugar quills? The pancreas produces digestive juices, and an internal secretion which digests sugar! And the stomach actually rests on the pancreas.

His middle name is Bilius. Bilious means feeling sick from an imbalance of bile, which is produced by the liver.

This double function Ron has actually works! Ron personifies the abstract earthly personality who sacrifices himself for the new soul, as Ron shows in the chess game in Part 1, but he also personifies the spleen chakra and the pancreas, as part of the Weasley Family of chakras and endocrine glands.

Ron: the mortal earthly personality which devotes itself to the New Soul and will thus sacrifice itself in the alchemical wedding for the King and Queen. Thus the mortal personality enters eternity by dissolving in the alchemical processes and rising again as part of the Eternal Son of God.

Ron: the high priest of the biological temple.

Ron Bilius Weasley: the spleen chakra, the pancreas and the solar plexus, with his pet, the biological ego, situated in the spleen-liver system. As the candidate goes the Path of Alchemical Liberation he loses his biological ego, as Ron loses Scabbers.

You may be interested to know, by the way, that the spleen chakra actually takes in solar energy, which I should think is the reason the plexus it’s linked to is called the solar plexus. When Harry first enters Ron’s room, he has a rather solar experience: ‘It was like walking into a furnace: nearly everything in Ron’s room seemed to be a violent shade of orange.’ The colour of prana is orange. From: The Chamber of Secrets Chapter 3

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