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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 45 - Ginny

The root chakra is bright orange red, justlike Ginny’s hair.This chakra is connected to the sacral plexus and the gonads. It is obviously linked to the sexual force. Chapter 13 explains that the kundalini force resides in the sacral plexus. In addition the sacral plexus is the mirror of the subconscious mind. Quite a responsibility for a little girl! This area is traditionally regarded as feminine, which is why the youngest Weasley is a girl.

The progress of the process of liberation is reflected in the nervous system, the endocrine glands and the chakras. The soul force born from the Lily in the heart gradually enters the head, from where it travels down the right string of the sympathetic nerve. As it goes down we can imagine it perhaps like an electric current, causing the wire to glow and remain glowing behind it as it moves downward. The plexuses are linked to the sympathetic nervous system and we can imagine the glow gradually entering the plexuses one by one on the downward course of the soul-force. This force causes great changes in the nervous system, which alter the person completely. His perception of the world is totally renewed and his body is made ready for the great alchemical changes leading to liberation. In addition to the plexuses being changed, the rotation of the chakras is slowed down as the soul-force goes down on its journey through ‘the pipes of Hogwarts’. The chakras suck in energy from the world around us. The purpose of liberation is to stop the body taking in the energy from this fallen universe and to start absorbing the energy of the Sixth Cosmic Plane, the Kingdom of God. This will be obvious to those who’ve read the previous posts in this series. The effect of slowing down the chakras is gradually to release the alchemist from the shackles with which he is chained to this world. This process takes many years. Harry manages to liberate himself in seven years; but these are definitely not years made of twelve months but stages in the process.

When the soul-force reaches the sacral plexus it bends the sexual force upwards so that the alchemist is no longer the slave of his sexual desires. Instead the energy becomes creative energy at the alchemist’s disposal.

We know that Harry comes down to rescue Ginny from the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. There he meets the unconscious Ginny and Tom Riddle who has been stored as a memory in the diary. Tom Riddle’s diary is a reference to the place of the sacral plexus as the mirror of the subconscious mind. The whole of a person’s past, and all his past incarnations, are stored there and when Harry saw the scenes Tom Riddle’s diary showed him, he was looking into the subconscious mind with its complete memory of all past events. Tom Riddle is the subconscious force that links us to our microcosmic past. When a foetus is adopted by a microcosm, the microcosmic self (Voldemort) pours its essence into the spinal cord. The whole past of the microcosm is poured into the sacral plexus in this way, and this plexus radiates our subconscious urges up along the spinal cord into the brain.

The fact that Ginny is unconscious symbolises the complete lack of rotation in the chakra and the coming to stillness of the sexual force.

Harry defeats the Basilisk symbolising the serpent of the kundalini. This force contains our entire karma, good and bad. At this stage the alchemist is freed from his karma, which the Bible calls the forgiveness of sins. You can imagine that this is an extremely advanced stage in the process of liberation. This is something that incessantly fills me with wonder: the supreme process of human fulfilment; the most Holy Alchemical Process of Transfiguration from man to God is shown in Harry Potter. It is totally breath-taking in its grandeur.

Harry stabs the diary and thus ‘kills’ Tom Riddle. In other words he is liberated from the domination of the subconscious mind and hence from the microcosmic self through the subconscious. Normally just before this happens the alchemist encounters the three temptations that are symbolically described as the temptations Jesus has in the desert. However the Septology is showing us a cameo of the whole Path which is described in much greater detail in the seven volumes. Ginny wakes up, symbolising the chakra starting its rotation again, this time rotating in the opposite direction.

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