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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 42 - Neville

Part 1: The Three Births

The human body is a temple in which God should dwell. That’s the theory. Before He can do so, a few things have to happen, like a complete demolition followed by a rebuilding. Harry Potter is a manual for demolishing the temple and commencing its rebuilding. The body with all its organs is a kind of three dimensional blueprint for a four dimensional Temple, just as a two dimensional blueprint on paper contains all the plans for a three dimensional building. Hence all the major organs, especially those in the head, have a function in rebuilding the new temple in three days (stages). The physical body is essential for liberation, otherwise we wouldn’t have one!

We know now that the spinal cord is personified by Draco, and the two strings of the sympathetic nervous system by Crabbe and Goyle. Lucius is the brain and Narcissa the physical body as a whole. The pineal gland is Dumbledore’s office. The heart is symbolised by Godric’s Hollow.

Another organ vital in the process of liberation is the medulla oblongata, also known as Neville Longbottom.

When you write these two words like this, you can see how cleverly invented Neville’s name is:

N e vi ll e longbo ttom M e du ll a oblong ata

I have previously mentioned that we live in a fallen universe. By that I mean it is a part of the original divine universe which has been struck by discord. Jacob Boehme says that God closed off part of the universe and it became the world of wrath. However God never forsakes the works of His hands and three little streams flow from the River of God into our universe to enable us to sail back on its waters. These three streams differ in levels of vibration and potency. We can think of these streams as rays of power which are radiated into our universe by the Brotherhood of the Masters of Compassion.

These three rays of power cause three births:

– the birth of the seeker; – the birth of the New Soul; – the birth of the New Consciousness.

Firstly there is the calling ray. The ancient Gnostics called this ray the Pistis. The Rosicrucians call it ‘The Father’. It is the ray which knocks on all human hearts and appeals to the conscience to awaken it. It is the small, still voice which makes man ask himself, ‘What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What is my true destiny?’

People who are sure that this physical life is all there is and are happy to accept it do not hear this voice. But those who have a Lily in their heart and have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune can open their heart to the first ray and accept the stranger knocking at the door. It is the medulla oblongata which allows the first ray to enter the heart. This organ is the spiritual guardian of the heart, and determines what forces can enter it. At the moment that the medulla oblongata allows the first ray to enter the heart, the seeker is born. This is the birth of James.

Secondly there is the more powerful ray, the Sophia, as the ancient Gnostics called it. The Rosicrucians call it ‘the Son.’ This ray is not experienced by all human beings, but only by those seekers who have sought long and hard for the meaning of life and finally realise that the meaning of life doesn’t lie in this dualistic universe at all, but in the four dimensional universe of God. They realise that nothing on earth can satisfy the deep yearning for spiritual fulfilment, until they find Lily. They know their fulfilment lies in her. They cease their frenetic seeking and enter a period of inner quiet. The effect of this is that the medulla oblongata once again gives entry to a ray, namely the second ray, the Son. When this ray of intense and pure vibration enters the heart, the second birth takes place: the birth of the New Soul. This is the true Son of God, the immortal divine and original human being ‘in God’s image and likeness.’ In The New Testament this is symbolised by the birth of Jesus. In Harry Potter this is symbolised by the birth of Harry.

Thirdly there is the most powerful ray of all, called by the Rosicrucians the Holy Spirit, or the Lord of Life and Death. This ray is so powerful it can be accepted only by the New Soul when it has fully grown and matured, and achieved the victory over evil within the pilgrim. Once again it is the medulla oblongata which allows the Holy Spirit to enter. The entrance of the Holy Spirit through the medulla oblongata means that a sudden burst of energy of unprecedented power and vibration enters the serpent-fire system. This is like a bolt of lightning entering the pilgrim. This ray shoots down into the sacral plexus, then up again, into the head, where it enters the pineal gland. At that moment the third birth takes place: the birth of the New Consciousness. This is what the Buddhists call the Enlightenment. Until that moment the New Soul has been unconscious, and the old dualistic personality has been in control, but from this moment on the New Soul is wide awake, aware and can see God, i.e. the Divine reality. The old consciousness is dissolved.

In The New Testament this event is described in The Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 2. On the day of Pentecost the apostles are filled with the Holy Spirit, and tongues of fire rest on each of them. This event is also known as The Day of the Lord. This is what is described in the Chymical Wedding as the rebirth of the King and the Queen, and is called ‘passing through the Gate of Saturn.’ The alchemist has passed through the Nigredo, the Rubedo and the Albedo phases, and he is at last able to make gold.

The New Consciousness is symbolised in The Book of Revelation by the vision of John on Patmos. The New Soul sees a New Heaven and a New Earth. The old temple has been demolished and the masteralchemist can now begin building the Temple in which God dwells. This is the birth of Harry James, Son of the Potter of the Universe.

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