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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 39 - Crabbe and Goyle

On the left and the right of the spinal cord are the two strings of the sympathetic nervous system. Almost like two bodyguards of the spinal cord, they don’t have much of a mind of their own. They just do as they’re told.

If Draco Malfoy personifies the spinal cord with the serpent-fire running through it, then obviously Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle personify the two sympathetic nervous strings on either side. In the Eastern esoteric tradition they’re called Ida and Pingala. In the New Testament they’re referred to as Ananias and Sapphira.

The new soul-force, personified by Harry, descends down the right string of the sympathetic nervous string to the sacral plexus, where the kundalini is situated. Chapter 14 describes how the kundalini is defeated. The soul-force then slowly rises up the left string, towards the pineal gland, the place of the crown chakra. When it reaches that point, the alchemist has completed his first initiation: the Mercury initiation. He receives the Holy Spirit and the new soul becomes conscious. The old serpent-fire (Draco) is defeated. The new serpent-fire now circulates through the spinal cord as well as the two strings of the sympathetic nervous system. This is symbolised so beautifully in the caduceus, or staff of Mercury. The central rod symbolises the new force operating in the spinal cord, and the two serpents symbolise the two renewed sympathetic cords. The globe with the two wings (the golden snitch) symbolises the new Mercury (or Hermione) consciousness. The wings symbolise the heights to which the new mind can fly, and of course Mercury symbolises the contact with Mt Olympus, i.e. The Original Divine World.

By the above I’m saying that this knowledge was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans and taught in their Mystery Schools, and they received it from the ancient Egyptians.

As we know Harry and Ron creep into Crabbe’s and Goyle’s skins, in a manner of speaking, because they take Polyjuice Potion to substitute for them to get information out of Draco about the Chamber of Secrets.

I want to stress the fact that in liberating alchemy, the whole person, including his physical body, is involved in the process of transfiguring from a mortal, flawed human being, to an immortal, divine God-Man. Paul said that our body is a temple in which the Holy Spirit must dwell. To begin the process of alchemy, the physical body is necessary. If it were not necessary, we wouldn’t have it. However once the basic process has been started, i.e. once Harry has been born, the death of the physical body cannot stop it. And as I said when discussing Narcissa Malfoy, the physical body cannot transfigure into anything divine.

To resume the discussion about the way Harry Potter tells the story about alchemy; in actual fact the story told in Part 2 about the killing of the Basilisk and the ascent to Dumbledore’s office is the complete story of liberation, but it’s only one aspect, and so in Harry Potter it’s a sort of foreshadowing of what happens in Part 7.

All this is related to the Gate of Saturn. The Gate of Saturn symbolises the alchemist going through the last stage of transmutation. His old consciousness dies and the new one is born. The new consciousness has complete power over the new serpent-fire.

Let no one think this is painful or full of suffering. Although Harry Potter paints a rather painful picture, as does the New Testament, there is no pain, but sheer, unadulterated joy, as the prodigal son returns to the loving arms of the father to be united with him for ever. To lose the old, imperfect earthly personality is like losing an old ragged coat that is so worn out and smelly it feels like a relief to throw it off for ever.

The first names of Crabbe & Goyle: Vincent = conquering. The right string. Pingala, the male string. Gregory = watchful. The left string. Ida, the female string.

Alchemy in Harry Potter - End Chapter Snitch