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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 38 - Draco

Draco personifies the spinal cord with the fiery serpent-force that rules the cerebro-spinal system.

The new soul, Harry, is born. This is a new vital force that spreads through the blood to the head. From there it descends down the right string of the sympathetic nervous system. It defeats the kundalini as symbolised in Part 2, and then climbs up the left string of the sympathetic nervous system. Meanwhile the old serpent-fire in the spinal cord just carries on supporting the government of the physical body and carrying the commands of the old consciousness, which is a creature of Lucifer.

To make Harry Potter such an exciting and intriguing book, J.K. Rowling exaggerates and over-dramatizes things. The point about Draco is that the new soul-force, though increasing in power and strength within the pupil, is hampered in its development by the old serpent-fire if this engages in ego-centric activities. To go the Path of Alchemical Liberation, the whole four-fold system of the candidate for liberation has to co-operate in self-surrender to the new soul-force. We as normal human beings are not used to that type of living. As I said in my chapter on Peter, we are used to fending for ourselves and making sure we survive in life. As soon as the new soul is born, we must stop doing that and reverse our way of living by totally surrendering to the new soul. It will then take care of our life. That is the real meaning of conversion. We must surrender completely to the new soul and let It rule our lives. However such a complete reversal of one’s way of life is not accomplished overnight and especially in the beginning the candidate makes many mistakes because old habits die hard. He often makes egocentric decisions which harm the new soul-force that is slowly descending down the sympathetic cord. J.K. Rowling symbolises this as Draco being horrible to Harry as often as possible.

Despite Draco’s taunts and jibes Harry keeps growing in strength and grace, and eventually, after defeating the kundalini, he moves up the left string of the sympathetic nerve. On the way up he turns the chakras in the opposite direction to how they were turning before. Then, when he reaches Dumbledore’s office, i.e. the pineal gland and the crown chakra, he enters the light-birth of God. This is the moment the Holy Spirit descends into the alchemist and he sees God for the first time. At that same moment the new soul fills the cerebro-spinal system. Until then it filled only the sympathetic strings in the spine, but now it fills the spinal cord as well. The serpent-fire is reborn and is now immortal.

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