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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


Chapter 27 - Harry and Sirius

Harry and Sirius are powerful magic symbols as old as ancient Egypt but presented in a totally new way. J.K. Rowling once said no one has yet been able to pinpoint the essential message of Harry Potter; the hub on which it all turns. Here’s what I think.

The message is first of all that every seeker has the potential to become a divine human being, an eternal Son of God, imperishable and free of death, sorrow and suffering. The New Testament calls this Son of God Jesus; J.K. Rowling calls him Harry.

The second part of the message is that every Son of God is surrounded by a tremendous and unimaginably powerful energy field that is a conscious being, like a guardian angel. This God-like angel as bright as the sun leads the Son out of the House of Death (this universe) into the House of Life (the Kingdom of Heaven).

What is this living energy field called in the New Testament? He is personified there and has three best friends: James, John and Peter. In Harry Potter he ispersonified andhas friendswith the same names: James Potter, Remus John Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. This energy field, this guiding star as bright as the sun, is called Christ in the New Testament. Harry and Sirius together: Jesus Christ. Harry: the new earth. Sirius: the new heaven. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth.

That’s what Harry Potter is really about. It’s about the liberation of the Inner God which is potentially present in every seeker. Every seeker has the potential to become as Jesus Christ.

That is our future, according to Harry Potter. This is what the Mystery Schools have been teaching for thousands of years, going back at least to ancient Egypt. We are privileged in our time that this great Mystery, in factthe greatestMysteryof alltime,theMysteryofhuman existence, has been revealed by a young woman in Scotland. We are living in tremendous times! But the fact that this great Mystery is being revealed in such clear symbolism also means we as a human race are standing on the edge ofthe precipice. There is not much time left. Let’s hope that many will wake up in time and listen to the call that comes through Harry Potter from the Masters of Compassion.

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