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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa


The book will be available from Amazon as soon as possible. We’re organising the sending of copies there and we’ll let you know on this page when Amazon has copies in stock.

If you can’t wait for Amazon, and want to order a copy quickly, send an e-mail to the publisher, Morgenster, in the Netherlands. The e-mail address is:
Put your complete postal address in the e-mail, and say how many copies you want. Price: €19.50 each. (approximately $23, £17.50)

Please note that international postage rates from the Netherlands are very high, and we advise you to wait for Amazon to have the book in stock.

These are the approximate parcel rates for 1 -4 copies:
Western Europe: €9
Eastern Europe: €12
America, Africa, Asia, Oceania: €18

Dutch Readers in The Netherlands and Belgium can order the book via this link:
Rozekruis Pers (The Alchemy of J.K. Rowling)

If you have trouble obtaining the book please let me know by e-mail: