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The Alchemy of JK Rowling

In the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

by Hans Andréa

Book Reviews


by Daan Jeremy Hendriks, The Netherlands

An Essential Work for the young Seeker in this age

I'm sure many of you have always felt a very deep, unexplainable connection to the Harry Potter series, often feeling more real than "real" and a deep intense longing to be a part of this mystical universe of wonder. It just so happened to be that in the right place and at the right time I came across Hans and through a perfectly orchestrated synchronicity I arrived at his book on the Alchemy of JK Rowling, once again entering the Potter Universe but truly on another level.

What followed was a deep Inner Journey that you could only describe as a re-membering and a very strong recognition. Looking back it has always made perfect sense why as a child you have such a strong connection to certain stories and myths. You already know.

Hans very much succeeds in bringing across the message of Compassion from the series, especially when he touches on the Christian path and, for one example, rather than lifting- and building up through occult exercises the serpent of the Kundalini, instead overcoming this Basilisk and slaying it by grace of the Holy Spirit, contrary to what is being so heavily promoted in many New-Age circles at this moment in time. Overcoming base desires rather than pursuing them.

"Though correctly seeing that our reality was generated by a tyrannical intelligence who rules through occult law, some ignorant Gnostics concluded that rebelling against all law, including morality, was the key to freedom, so they became deviant libertines. It's from this kind of erroneous rebellious thinking that Satanic or Luciferian streams diverged off the main gnostic river." (From "Gnosis", by Tom Montalk)

This work by Hans definitely does not fit into this category. A huge relief; it truly is a pure Gnostic treasure where throughout the book you will find yourself along your journey, often bringing very strong emotional and spiritual layers to the surface, like how the New Soul in the Microcosm is targeted by Voldemort after its birth in an internal and/or external battle which I am sure many of us struggle with, his thesis on the reincarnation process and how some consciously choose to return and assist humanity because of the love burning in their hearts while most-tragically many are stuck on a karmic wheel of life and death along with the continuous wiping of memory, topics like the ability to trust that the Harry in our hearts is rich beyond our most feverish imagination and will supply us if we first seek the Kingdom, and a lot more.

All of this brings along feelings of puzzle pieces falling into place, true amazement and childlike joy, the feeling of being assisted and supported even in the darkest of times, insights into your past mistakes that stab you in the chest that have mostly been caused by fear and ignorance but also gives you the opportunity to integrate them and sing your Redemption Song. The experiencing of precognitive dreams and intuitive insights tied around oddly specific chapters are also not uncommon, but I will leave that to you to find out for yourself! I believe Hans truly honoured the legends of Christian Rosycross and Harry Potter with this one and showed that they are undeniably linked to each other for those with eyes to see.

And to quote from the book: "We need to understand, we need to desire, and we need to actualise our self-sacrifice for Harry, the New Soul. We need to be brave enough to carry out the plan of Redemption no matter what. We need to fall in love with Lily's green eyes, as Dante did with Beatrice, so that this love will carry us through all difficulties and all opposition from Voldemort."

Thank you once again for this work of Art that is activating on a Soul Level during a crucial time where the sowing of fear, censorship and conflict are celebrated. It's time to wake up and let the Harry in our hearts be born.

by Marietta Millet, USA

To Hans Andréa:

I want to give you a virtual huge hug of appreciation for The Alchemy of J. K. Rowling. I'm really reading it - and re-reading it - and giving it as presents - and I'm so grateful to you that I just have to let you know. It is brilliant. I had the wish that everyone who loves Harry could read it - but then I had to realize that it will find its way into the right hands.

Your apt analysis and clear descriptions have helped me understand aspects of myself as a pupil with more understanding because they come in the context of the story and memorable characters. You've given us all a valuable gift - and I know that you had to endure your own trials as you developed this helpful approach.

And your joy in going the path shines through everywhere in the book!

Thank you!

by Geoff Napier, United Kingdom

This book is written for those who are never left alone by an inner disquiet. Why are we here? Do we have a purpose beyond being consumers, voters and mere eaters?

The Alchemy of J. K. Rowling brings the writings of two authors, separated by four centuries, into focus. Both The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross and the Harry Potter series show us in allegorical form the Hero’s Journey in breathtaking detail. Hans Andréa began writing the material for this book long before JKR had finished her series and so began predicting what would be in the coming books with uncanny accuracy. But it was not an accident; he had found the key and was simply retelling the story of the Alchemical Wedding in plain language. So, what is this Hero’s Story that others, like Joseph Campbell also discovered? Our life purpose is to release the rigid grip we have on the idea that we are lost, limited and separate and to allow the greater reality of our authentic self to shine out, through our acts. How can we possibly do this? Well, simply follow in the footsteps Harry and Christian Rosycross as they practice a life of self-forgetfulness, just as they follow in the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth. Trusting that as long as they attune themselves to the Highest Good within, all shall be well, even when they cannot see how.

Just as on the darkest days, the sun still shines above the clouds, so too our own inner divine star, our inner compass, always radiates within our personal weather systems, illuminating our path, one step at a time. To the extent we relinquish belief in our isolation and separateness, we begin to experience the bodily glow of our inner sun which begins to enlighten us. Like Harry, Jesus and Christian Rosycross before us, we come to the place where we have been prepared, to surrender all that we believe we are, so that the Other One, the Authentic one, the Inner Christ, may grow up through the mud of our personality being and blossom in the new day. Hans Andréa illustrates how JKR represents every part of us, our organs, blood, hormones and our senses as characters in her story which describes this Hero’s Journey from an I-centred personality to becoming a Christ-centred being that lives unconditionally, in the moment, for the good of all. This is the destiny of each and everyone of us, whenever we choose to accept it.

There are so many nuggets of insight and pearls of wisdom and strength in this book, you will wonder how you could ever have dreamt that you were alone on this Journey.

by Cora Weekes, United Kingdom

Thank you for writing this wonderful book! I’ve been reading and re-reading it so I can recall my wizard core and understand my journey. I also use it as a Patronus charm to help me dispel the Dementors of this world when they approach. A beautiful and inspired work!

by Kim R Casper, author, USA

Hans Andréa skilfully weaves pure knowledge, awakening us all to the symbols that are the structure of Nature Itself. Those opening this book are fortunate indeed.

by Ruud Maatman, Netherlands

As J.K. Rowling on the train was struck by an impression of the vast and later worldwide impressive history of Harry Potter, Hans Andréa was struck by his revealing insight into the profound parallel between Harry Potter and the universal teachings of all times. As a result, both lives changed course, from one moment to the next, through an inspiration that seemed to come from another world.

Hans Andréa was presented with part 2 of Harry Potter and was immediately struck by his belief in seeing the connection between Harry Potter and his own vision of life: the universal teachings.

It was the symbol of the serpent that opened his eyes to the inexhaustible source of symbolism in Harry Potter, revealing the depth of what is superficially a children's book. The serpent is the ancient symbol that forms the basis of our departure from paradise to our sojourn in this world; our world that is far from paradise, but very close for him who knows.

The serpent symbol opened up the view of an inexhaustible series of symbols that would follow in the seven parts that describe the life of Harry Potter: symbolism in living and deceased persons, ordinary animals and mythical animals, trees, objects, situations and developments.

Hans Andréa was captivated by unfolding insights, which he began to work out and write down. He could no longer keep his enthusiasm to himself and started sending his texts to people who were taken by them. Together they formed a sounding board through which the inspiration could continue to flow.

At some point I heard about his messages. Reading a single message was enough to establish astonishment: that man knows what he is talking about.

I started to read and later translate his messages, from English to Dutch.

Every new chapter increased my amazement and admiration for the analyses of Hans Andréa who, step by step, finds the universal teachings in Harry Potter.

Whoever asks "Where do I come from, why am I here and where am I going" will find an answer in the universal teachings. Hans Andréa shows, in continuous inspiring enthusiasm, how this doctrine can be found in Harry Potter and, through the exciting life history of Harry, has been absorbed by half a billion readers of all ages.

What Hans Andréa calls "The Brotherhood of Compassion" has created a channel to reach a large group of humanity with its message. Hans Andréa has unveiled that message and makes it public. The seed has been sown and landed in the hearts of readers worldwide.

Let yourself be carried away by the enthusiastic exploration of Hans Andréa through the books of Harry Potter.

by Constance van der Plas, Netherlands

To me, this book is like part 8 of the 7-part Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. After a silence around Harry Potter, he comes back to life in this book, but now in ourselves, in our innermost being. The writer takes you on an inner journey in an alchemical process of change. He does this based on the story of The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross and shows connections with the story of Harry Potter. In his explanation, he regularly refers to pieces of text from these books, which also makes the book a valuable textbook that you will never finish reading, because it is always being deepened, and can therefore become a compass in your life.

The book is fascinating, inspiring, thoughtful, yet light to read, partly because of the symbolism in Harry Potter. The writer brings all the characters to life in this. We can look at this with a smile, especially if we recognize them as also hidden in ourselves.

I can recommend this wonderful book to anyone who also loves Harry Potter.

by Henk Heerink, Netherlands

A Harry Potter fan loves mysterious worlds full of strange inhabitants with supernatural powers. I don't really, because after one book and three films I thought I’d had enough about 10 years ago. Nice for children, I understood that much (and for the publishing industry). But - with my current understanding of the path of liberation as the Rosicrucians call it - while reading The Alchemy of J.K. Rowling I was constantly subject to great surprise. Not so much at the story itself, but at the astonishing analogy with the path of liberation as Hans Andréa sketches it in his book. He does this enthusiastically and in my opinion very convincingly; the similarities described between the spiritual symbolism in Harry Potter and the events on the liberating path are too numerous and too strong to be coincidental. Hans's persuasion speaks volumes. He invites you to experience the story, step into it to see if and where you encounter yourself. Looking beyond the end of your nose, into another dimension!

In addition to having a bibliography, the book concludes with an explanation and overview of the most important and most used terms, especially for the reader with less knowledge of alchemy and spiritual symbolism. As the subtitle indicates, the distinct events in the books of J.K. Rowling are seen in the light of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross. For those who are less at home in one of the two works, this method can be enlightening in one or both directions and hopefully encourage further deepening. After reading his book, it must be concluded that both works are inspired from the same universal source. The writer does not hide his connection with the liberating story ("I shout it from the rooftops") because the story concerns us all. After all, every character in Harry Potter says something about our personality. A multi-dimensional book in more ways than one.

by Henriët Wulff, Netherlands

It is a tremendous gift that the author has discovered that the story of Harry Potter is actually a symbolic language on a deeper level that reveals the Gnostic Path of Liberation, as in the book The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross by Jan van Rijckenborgh.

I think the wonderful Path of Liberation has been brilliantly explained by the author.

It is very clear, in contemporary language, explained with great patience and enthusiasm!

Anyone wondering who am I, where am I from, and where am I going? should read this book.

It reveals to us that we are loving beings of divine origin.

by Anneke Stokman, Netherlands

The seven parts of Harry Potter hold millions in their thrall. The reason why becomes clear in this book. Harry Potter is universal symbolism cast into an exciting tale, penetrating deeply into the human subconscious. This is why it is universally embraced, translated and filmed.

Hans Andréa unveils this hidden symbolism with convincing enthusiasm, opening a new dimension to the reader. The Rosicrucian publication The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross from 1616 is his guiding principle and benchmark. That too is a mystery story with a symbolism that is clearly familiar to the author, and which he shows can be compared one-on-one with that of Harry Potter. And that cannot be otherwise, because both convey the same universal story, each for a different time, in a different form. Harry Potter is the latent divinity in your heart; it is about you and about the possibilities of all humanity to awaken in a new dimension. Allow yourself to be carried away by the author's blistering persuasion, and Harry Potter will never be the same for you again.

A far-reaching and enriching experience.

by Janine Paliwoda, German translator, Switzerland

When I read this book, it was clear to me that I wanted to translate it into German so that a lot more readers have the chance to delve into the process of awakening their inner, divine spark, the “Rose of the Heart” by listening to the same inner voice that Harry Potter followed throughout the Septology. It is the way to become true, original human beings again with the help of the most brilliant spiritual interpretation of Harry Potter.