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The Great Conspiracy Behind Harry Potter

by Hans Andréa


Deeply hidden under all the excitement, mystery and suspense in Harry Potter is an intensely spiritual symbolism that has escaped the notice of fans and the mass media, but nevertheless is being picked up by the subconscious minds of millions of children all over the world. It's a conspiracy of love, a triumph of divine light.

If we can disregard the trimmings, the basic story of Harry Potter is consistent with all the great myths, epics and scriptural narratives of the human race since time immemorial. The symbolism in Harry Potter is universal and timeless.

Just look at the basic story:
A prophecy is made that a baby is to be born who will change the world. He is born and a star appears to announce his birth. When the king of this world hears about the birth he tries to have the baby killed, but fails. The child grows up in wisdom and in stature, and in favour with God and man. He performs miracles at a young age, but as he grows older he knows he will have to defeat his arch-enemy: Satan. Our hero prepares to sacrifice himself for the world, and so he surrenders himself, undefended, to face certain death. He is killed, and goes into an underworld, where he can choose to 'go on' or come back. He comes back victorious, as a Master of Death, i.e. eternal life, to liberate the world of evil.

We all know that story - that's the story of Jesus. But it's also the story of Harry Potter. In Harry's case the star is Sirius, who becomes his God-Father. At a young age Harry saves many lives, wins battles against dragons and giant snakes, and faces death by Voldemort time and again.

The story of the hero who enters the world of the dead and then comes back to save the world is universal. It's the story of Orpheus, Bacchus, Attis, Osiris, Dionysus, and many others, going back thousands of years.

This archetypical story resonates in the collective unconscious of so many millions because humanity has incessantly been confronted by the symbolism of the Inner God asleep in the human heart, like the bud of a pure, dazzlingly white lily. We can awaken the Prince of Peace by answering God's call to return to Him. That answer is to thirst for God, like a stag thirsting for the flowing water of the forest stream. This thirst will open the bud, and a new soul will be born, who will commence the struggle against the seeker's own evil, selfishness, and darkness. He will triumph, and when he does he will lift the seeker above death, suffering and evil.

This is the hidden symbolism in the world's most popular book. This is the symbolism that resonates with the human collective unconscious, explaining the book's popularity. This is the conspiracy which is bringing light into this world of war, terrorism, human trafficking, child soldiers, drug abuse and endless violence. The light will work its way to the surface, causing millions of people to become seekers for the way back to the Father, like the prodigal son. And there will be a new faith: the faith in the Inner God, asleep in every heart.

Hans Andréa
Haarlem, Netherlands

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