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Harry Potter can radically change people's lives


The owners of the website claim that Harry Potter has a very powerful spiritual message for humanity in the Third Millennium. This message is carefully but clearly hidden in the symbolism and archetypes which so richly abound in the world's fastest selling book ever.

The genius of Harry Potter is that the mass media and most readers are not aware of the sublime and radiant spiritual message, but this is nevertheless absorbed by and stored in the subconscious minds of hundreds of millions of children in all parts of the world. Hence this story has the potential to change the world for good.

Not only children are attracted by the intensely spiritual foundation underpinning this heart-warming story, but millions of adults are also charmed, intrigued and enchanted by it. Some of them have become aware of the true, liberating message, hence the website and discussion group, Harry Potter for Seekers.

We have received several letters from people who say that Harry Potter has changed their lives radically. These people have been moved deeply by the spiritual power emanating from the symbolism and archetypes in the septology. They have seen that Harry Potter points out a spiritual journey along which they have begun to take the first steps. Here are three of them:


Letter from Deborah Schmidt, Mexico, December 19th, 2010

One day, about a year and a half ago, I went to the movies to watch the Harry Potter movie, the 6th one. I really had many doubts, and my brother Alejandro likes Harry Potter very much and knows the details of the novel very well. So I called him so he could clear up my questions.

After about an hour of chat and analysis, and being amazed by the incredible things behind HP’s façade, my brother told me he had found a web page of some “alchemists” that talked about the spiritual aspect of HP and he thought it was very interesting. Well, he didn’t have to say it twice, I looked it up immediately.

So I looked up and began reading. There was something that I could describe as magical, perhaps. Many of the doubts that I have had for so many years, doubts that I felt that I had carried for a thousand years began to clear up. I felt like I was resonating with the information and it talked to the deepest part of me.

But the most special part was when I read about the symbolism of the Stag. When it says it symbolizes the “longing for liberation” the yearning to go back home to God, to connect with God, I began to cry and I had a strong sensation, almost painful in my chest, as if my heart was breaking in two. I feel that whatever I say I cannot describe what I felt, but it was the answer, a calling; something that was kept in my heart for thousands of years all of the sudden came out.

I wrote the administrator of the web page right away to ask him who they were, and what was their school or tendencies. I was curious and I wanted to know how it was possible that their information was what I was looking for, for so long. Hans Andréa answered immediately. I asked him a thousand questions which he answered patiently. I wanted to know how to get Jan van Rijkenborgh’s books to understand better all this information. He answered it was possible to get the books in Guadalajara, and he would contact the people there. He had told me that the information had to do with the Rosicrucian School. When he contacted me again, it was to tell me there was a small Rosicrucian group in the city where I live. I was very surprised; there are many cities in this country; why this one?

So I went to a meeting of this small group, and I stayed. All the information we read just resonated with me. I had this huge thirst for knowledge and I wanted to know where all these magical answers came from.

At the time I arrived at the Rosicrucian School, I had been without a formal job for many years. I am not married and I have a six year old daughter and a lot of pressure to find the sustenance for both of us. I had been on a strange form of depression and desperation that had me paralyzed and somewhat ill. I had a chronic back pain and an overweight problem that had me very unhappy. I earned a living by selling whatever I could, from cheese to jewelry; anything to make a more or less decent living, but I had this horrible anguish for not having enough to sustain me and my girl that kept me awake at night. It was very painful.

Among other things I’ve learned in the School is how my ego convinced me I couldn’t have a steady job due to my “strong” way of being and how this way of being stops me from relating with my bosses and other people. I convinced myself I had to work on my own and I did it for many years with devastating results.

Around May 2010, I changed my point of view and decided to take my resumé to several schools and ask for a job as a teacher. Magical things happened and I got a very good job which, besides helping me to pay my bills and have some peace, it helps me to know myself, be more humble, and work on being able to serve others better. I have learned so much. It’s a blessing.

Many things have changed little by little. My health got better, I lost 15 kilos and I am back to my right size. I no longer have back pain. I can sleep peacefully at night. I do not have extra money, but I have enough to pay my necessities, and that is much more than I could ask for. I am very happy with my work and my daughter is happier. These are wonderful gifts.

It is incredible how Harry Potter can change someone’s life.

deborah (at) avantel (dot) net

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Letter from Jayne Johnson, USA, June 30, 2006.

My name is Jayne. I am 49 years old. I live in Chicago, Illinois, where I am a 20-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department.

When I was younger, I was baptized in the Baptist Church. I am a Christian, although I have not attended church regularly since I was a little girl. I became disillusioned with organized religion a long time ago. It never seemed real or genuine to me. I've always been a really spiritual person -and a thinker. I'm not a philosopher or anything; but, I'm always curious about the deeper meaning of – well - everything. The WHY of everything. The why of Life. All life. My life - and my role in relation to the world and the universe.

I became interested in Harry Potter around the time that the first movie and the book Goblet of Fire came out. I was continually hearing the name Harry Potter on the television. At first, I thought that this Harry Potter was some self-styled preacher with some sort of cult following or something because, every time I heard mention of Harry Potter on television, it was in relation to the occult and how Christians were against him - this Harry Potter. So, naturally, I decided to go and see the movie to see what the big deal was.

I was enchanted by the movie. I thought that it was a cute fairy tale fantasy. Even though I thought that the move was "cute," inside myself, I was drawn to the idea of Harry Potter. I then decided to buy all of the books. It took me a while to read them, because I thought that the books were just a retelling of the movie. Boy - was I wrong! I began my reading with Prisoner of Azkaban because, by the time that I got around to reading the books, I had already seen the second movie. I thought I knew the beginning of the story. When I read Prisoner of Azkaban, I was floored. It was awesome, fantastic, mesmerizing! You know, movies never seem to do their book counterparts justice. There was just so much more detail in the books. I had never read anything like Prisoner of Azkaban before.

I couldn't believe that I had these four book treasures in my home all this time, and I had just let them sit on my bookshelf. I couldn't wait to read them all; yet, at the same time, I was dreading reading them all because, at the end, I would be at the end. What would I do? Well, I just had to have more. I didn't want to leave that world. After I finished reading Order of the Phoenix, I realized that Harry Potter had touched something in me. I don’t know - a hunger, a thirst, a yearning for...I don't know. Something. I began to search the web for information about JK Rowling and the Harry Potter universe. That search led me to discussions and information about Alchemy, Rosicrucianism and the whole spiritual nature of Harry Potter. Harry Potter speaks to my soul the way no organized religion or church ever has.

My search eventually led me here, and I am so happy to have found this site. The explanation I read about the everlasting original spirit, and beginning a magical process that will transmute me, a seeker, from a mortal earthly life to the Gold of the Divine Spirit makes me feel so complete, so happy! When I was in college, I was going to write a short story about myself. I was going to title it "Somewhere Inside Myself." I just know that I've always felt that I, me - the really real me – was somewhere inside of myself. I feel so validated. I feel like I have been holding my breath for such a long time, and now I can finally exhale.

JK Rowling brings Christ to life inside of me. When I read Prisoner of Azkaban, I had an “Oh My God!" reaction. I was filled with such a thirst and yearning for more that it was incredible. I must confess that I have never completely read the Bible. I’ve only read selected passages.  For me, it's not written in a way that makes me want to read it cover to cover.  It's a pity really. But, thank God for JK Rowling She's awakened my soul, my spirit. I can't thank her enough.

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Letter from Chris N, Germany, January 27th, 2006.

It was by sheer good luck that I read the books, thinking from all the publicity that they were nothing but a well-marketed children's story.

I think I have discovered why Harry Potter is so popular: it contains powerful spiritual archetypes which resonate in the collective unconscious. C G Jung wrote extensively on archetypes and symbolism, explaining why through the millennia people of all races have been attracted to myths, fairy tales, heroic epics and the holy scriptures of all the world religions. Harry Potter contains both archetypes and hundreds of powerful symbols which date back to prehistory and have fascinated all peoples, primitive and modern.

That's why I felt that Harry Potter resonated with me so strongly that I had to hold on to my chair. It all started when I read Order of the Phoenix. It was an incredible experience and I just don't really have the words for it. The story of Sirius seemed to be the catalyst. I guess I identified really strongly with his imprisonment, and then he went through the veil...I've always been into symbolism. Suddenly I was filled with love and compassion, and I knew that I had to follow a path which I couldn't see clearly, but which I knew was there, and I promised that I would follow it right to the end, whatever it takes, no matter what the cost. And I knew that everything I had believed or understood since I was a child was somehow wrong, and I would have to throw it all away and start working it all out again from the beginning.

After that I started digging into the Harry Potter books assiduously, joined the discussion groups and read everything I could lay my hands on, and I was particularly struck by John Granger’s book ' Looking for God in Harry Potter', which describes the Christian and alchemical symbolism in the books. Needing to understand my experience and to work out what next steps I had to take, I immersed myself in every aspect of Harry Potter that might help. As a result I started identifying the characters in the books as aspects of myself, and began working on myself, rebuilding the house on a rock this time. I identified resonances in some of the posts of a member of the Yahoo! group, HP for Grownups. I Googled her name, and found her essays on the Harry Potter for Seekers website, and went from there to the posts in the discussion group. As I read them, I thought: This is it! and contacted some of the members. They suggested I read the Bible. Where to start? I began with John's gospel. And I found it was finally making sense, and I started to see that it was telling the same story as the Harry Potter novels.

From then on there was no looking back. Sirius showed me the exit, and the Harry Potter novels started to show the way there, as did the New Testament. Recommended on the website were books by the 20th century Gnostic writer, Jan van Rijckenborgh. I read Van Rijckenborgh - well, it just bowled me over because he was writing about my experience; I've never read a book about me before! - Van Rijckenborgh has the road to liberation mapped out!

And I'm not alone. Many other people are discovering the same thing.

I feel very grateful to Jo Rowling for writing these books. Her powerful story has transformed my understanding of how I should live - things will never be the same again.